Cosmic Encounter Aliens: The Citadel

Brilliant architects who obsessively build vast fortresses as they travel through the cosmos, the Citadels are often welcomed with open arms by other races, who are delighted to benefit from the universe’s best defences. Of course, what the Citadels don’t tell them is that these fortifications only work when the Citadels want them to.


Natural Weapon: Venomous bite – Melee Natural (0), damage 1, paralytic poison (as tranq gas).

Homeworld: TekTuk: AA74C55-B N Ga Hi In

Starport A, 16k km, dense tainted atmosphere, 40% water, population in the trillions, feudal technocracy, law level 5, tech level 11.


Citadel’s have the following traits:

  • Fur (+1 bonus to resist extremes of cold) [Stunt]
  • Toxic [Skill]
  • Toxic Bite [Stunt]
  • Enhanced Vision (Low light and UV) [Stunt]
  • Supermind (engineering) [Stunt]
  1. Weakness – Heat
  2. Repulsive (-2 Rapport/Empathy with mammalian species)


Citadels resemble a cross between apes and spiders with large, bulging, compound eyes, spider-like fangs and bodies covered in bristly fur. This somewhat creeps out mammalian species but most get over it as Citadel’s are brilliant engineers and fortifiers. Their own world is almost entirely one giant warren of cities and greenhouses and they tend to build sprawling, strong but lightweight structures that resemble exaggerated cones, ‘webbed’ into position with bucky cables.

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