Cosmic Encounters Aliens: The Chosen

A deeply spiritual and philosophical race the Chosen have become attuned to a higher force in the cosmos that they call upon in times of need. Sometimes this omniscient power harms rather than helps.


Notable Dexterity +2
Slow Metabolism
Social Standing is replaced by Enlightenment

Homeworld: Oosa: B568825-9 Ga Ri

Starport B, 8k km, standard atmosphere, 80% water, population in the hundreds of millions, participating democractic government, law level 5, Tech Level 9


The Chosen have the following traits:

  • Multiple Attacks (Extra pair of hands) [Stunt]
  • No food requirement. [Stunt]
  • Sixth Sense [Stunt]
  • Mental Shield [Stunt]
  • Telepathic Probe [Stunt]
  1. Weakness to radioactivity.
  2. Weak


The Chosen, the Ula in their own language, are four-armed mystics of natural psychic talent. Their bodies are symbiotic with bioluminescent algae, allowing them to sustain themselves – if passive – on sunlight alone, though they can also eat should they need to. There does seem to be some force intervening for or against The Chosen when they call upon it but most scholars and psychics agree that it is some sort of communal group-mind, rather than an actual god or higher being. Not that The Chosen agree.

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