Cosmic Encounter Aliens: Calculators

Defenceless on a jungle world, The Order of Calculators grew adroit at ensnaring their powerful but bungling competitors. Now adept at turning strength back against itself, they study the prospect of galactic empire, trusting that other, grosser beings will not also grow calculating.


Notable Intelligence +2
Notable Education +2
Small: Strength 1d6, Endurance 1d6, Dexterity 3d6
Social Standing is replaced by Merit

Homeworld: Trrt – A985886-B N Ga Ri

Starport A, 14.4k km, dense atmosphere, 50% water (all as lakes, rivers, clouds and rain), population in the hundreds of millions, government is a meritocratic bureaucracy, law level 6, Tech level 11


Calculators have the following traits:

  • Supermind [Stunt]
  1. Ponderous


Calculators are the leaders of their people, an elite at the forefront of a society of planners and thinkers. In their robes and computerised armour of office they have access to massive amounts of historical and sensor data with which they can make their plans.

Calculators have a language of only two syllables, to non-calculators it sounds like a trilling or buzzing sound but is in fact a binary language made by the rapid flickering of organs in the throat, not unlike the purr of a cat. It is surprisingly rapid and almost compensates for the Calculator’s slow process of thought and planning.

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