Cosmic Encounter Aliens: Barbarians

A savage race from a harsh solar system, the Barbarians roared out into the cosmos as soon as they discovered space flight. They have crushed many civilisations before them, careless tossing aside priceless cultural treasures in their endless quest for glory, battle and the lamentations of their enemies.




Fast Metabolism: Barbarians burn twice as bright, but half as long, part of what accounts for their racial ambition and lack of patience.

Feral: Barbarians have no respect for technology or culture that they can’t use to forward their own battling agenda.

Large: Barbarians are hulking brutes and have a Strength and Endurance of 3d6.

Notable Endurance: Barbarians have a non-symmetrical body plan and the layout of their organs, the size of their limbs, the thickness of muscle and bone varies greatly from Barbarian to Barbarian giving them +2 to their Endurance.

Homeworld: Hurd: B4419A0-9 N Hi IC In Po A

Good Starport, 6.4k km, thin & tainted atmosphere, dry world, billions population, charismatic dictatorship, no law, Tech level 9, Amber Zone.


Barbarians have the following traits:

  • Fast [Stunt]
  • Extreme Conditions [Stunt]
  • Hard Hide [Stunt]
  • Protection [Stunt]
  • Oversized [Stunt]
  1. Scary.
  2. Weak to social attacks.
  3. Weak to psychic attacks.


Barbarians, Hurdankla in their own tongue (strength in blood is a literal translation), are a scourge upon the cosmos. Coming from a small world with little in the way of resources they used to be divided into warring tribes. Constant warfare drove their technology on to the point of interstellar travel but since then their development has stalled, replaced by rapacious destruction and looting.

Barbarian ships are fast and powerful, but not especially well armoured. They do not conquer, they destroy or raid with little in between. Their combat doctrine is to hit hard and fast, cause as much damage as possible and to make off with as much in the way of resources, slaves and loot as possible – though they only care for raw, physical value.

If outnumbered or outclassed they will retreat and gather in larger numbers. If cornered, they will fight.


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