Courtesans: Captain Hardacre (Client)

Captain Wentworth Hardacre

Pliability: 4

Archetype: Deviant (Pretending to be Saviour) Captain Hardacre is desperately trying to convince himself, as much as anyone else that he is a good-hearted saviour, but he’s fooling himself, perhaps more than he fools anyone else.

Age: 45

Occupation: Royal Navy Captain (Semi-retired)

Sexual Experience: Some.

Marital Status: Married (Closed).

Description: Blue eyed, blonde (bald), barrel chested, podgy belly.

Deviances: Boyish figures, younger women, sadism.

Consequences of failing to please: A horsewhipping.

Captain Hardacre has spent much of his life away from home travelling the seas, returning only to sire a couple of children with his wife and then taking off again. Not especially competent – more lucky – he was a little too free with the lash and not an effective captain and after a scandal of some sort in Jamaica has been sent home into semi-retirement. He doesn’t know what to do with himself, his wife is a hatchet-faced stranger who controls every aspect of his home with an iron fist and his children are now adults who have barely even met him. Little wonder he seeks aid and comfort in the arms of courtesans.

Hardacre is also something of a sadist and a closet homosexual, or rather he won’t admit to himself that he is one. His tastes in women run to the slim and boyish and he has a fondness for the back passage that has made him unpopular and persona non-grata with many prostitutes… that and his roughness.

His investments in the Caribbean have made him wealthy, he was a cannier businessman than a captain, but he courts scandal and refuses to face up to what he is. Something that can make him a dangerous lover and a bit of a handful.

Deviant Archetype

The deviant archetype represents a client, lover or sugar daddy who has unusual tastes. This makes him relatively easy pickings for the right courtesan but also troublesome and difficult. A courtesan that plays up to a deviant’s desires gets a bonus, one that runs contrary to his desires gets a penalty. A deviant can have as many or as few ‘requirements’ as you like. The number that a courtesans fulfils or contradicts is tallied up and applied as a bonus or a penalty to her rolls to please the gentleman. Failing to please the gentleman can have consequences if he is a brutish or difficult sort and these will need to be enumerated. Game effects are up to you.

Cosmic Encounter Aliens: Anti-Matter

Spewed forth from a white hole, the worlds of Anti-Matter careen through space negating whatever they encounter. Opposed to the very existence of gross mass, the Anti-Matter are dedicated to reducing all opposition to less than nothing.




Armoured: The energistic nature of the Anti-Matter grants them 2 points of armour against any and all energy weapons. Against physical weapons such as projectiles they have no armour and, in fact, take an extra dice of damage. Physical close combat weapons are destroyed when they strike an Anti-Matter.

Flier: Anti-Matter are able to float and fly, albeit at a slow pace.


Anti-Matter have the following traits:

  • Exude Energy [Skill]
  • Radiation [Stunt]
  • Absorb Energy [Skill]
  • Absorb Energy Weapons [Stunt]
  • Fly [Skill]
  • Flight [Stunt]
  1. Major Weakness: Kinetic Weapons (Destroys projectile/Weapon)
  2. Small
  3. Scary


Anti-Matter are not actually made of anti-matter but are, rather, energistic beings. Projections of energy matrices that exist in a layer of subspace and intrude into our physical universe – which they hate and loathe on an instinctual and inherent basis.

The White Hole is their bridge into this universe from which they launch their merciless attacks from ships made of the same energistic matrices that they are. They have no homeworld, at least none that is accessible, and the White Hole is one-way, none can go through it back to their world and none of them that come through can return to their native dimension.

Remorseless, merciless and suicidal they are driven to eliminate all matter, striking in all directions from their bridgehead into physical reality.

Anti-Matter ships are around 50% more powerful when it comes to power production and energy weapons but are vulnerable to physical attacks and kinetic weapons and tend to be 50% more fragile, physically, than more conventional ships.