Cosmic Encounter Aliens: Amoeba

Spawned on a totally liquid world, Amoebas are highly concious of vibrations. Quick to withdraw from danger they are equally able to ooze menacingly into combat when confronted with the proper turbulances. Amoebas pity those who are less able to respond to circumstance and are sensitive rulers.



Armour: The Amoeba’s body is resilient and has a lot of ‘give’ to it, making it resistant to damage and rapidly able to adapt to damage. The Amoeba has a natural armour of 1.

Aquatic: Amoeba are adapted to life in a liquid medium. They are amphibious and can last for a while on land though their dexterity is halved in such circumstances.

Natural Weapon: The Amoeba can attack using its pseudopods and exude its own digestive juices in attack. It is personal range and deals one damage. Amoeba’s start with Melee (natural weapons) at 0.

Empathy: Amoeba have ‘Empathy’ instead of Social Standing.

Statistics: +2 Empathy, -2 Dexterity.

Homeworld: Moab (Human name): AA8AA07-C N Ag Hi, Wa

Excellent quality starport, 16k km world, dense atmosphere, water world (100%), 50 billion population, no government (consensus), law level 7, Tech level 12.


Amoeba have the following traits:

  • Toxic [Skill]
  • Toxic Weapon [Stunt]
  • Absorb Energy [Skill]
  • Absorb Kinetic Weapons [Stunt]
  • Ooze [Skill]
  • Gills [Stunt]
  1. Elemental Weakness – Fire
  2. Force Weakness – Energy Weapon
  3. No Fine Manipulation
  4. Weak


Amoebae (their real name is a release of chemicals into the surrounding water) are a relatively enlightened and empathetic race but their nature – an oozing giant cell – worries other species as does their anarchistic, collectivist ethos and their willingness to sacrifice themselves readily for the common good of their species.
Amoebae build their ships and devices organically, out of their own bodies. Amoebae can sacrifice themselves and become specialist cells, giving up their sentience to become structures, ships, weapons or rather the component parts thereof. Larger structures and ships contain many ‘organs’ made up of many sacrificed Amoebae and even the larger structures can reproduce – if sufficiently fed – by splitting. Effective designs and vessels can be rapidly reproduced if there’s sufficient organic material allowing surprising amounts of Amoebae troops and ships to seemingly spring out of nowhere.

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