Bloodsucker: The Angst – Goths of a Certain Age

The basic version of Bloodsucker: The Angst lets you play teeny-goths and emo kids who have become caught up in the vampire subculture and ‘turned’ but you might want to play an ‘elder’. Someone who came up and changed during the goth revival of the 1990s, or even the original movement uncounted years earlier!

How might you do that then. How might you play an older character in Bloodsucker and what differences might there be when you’re an OG? (Old or Original Goth).

1. Sample Schticks: World weary, office goth, weekend warrior, Peter Pan, Creeper, drunken sot, worker drone.

2. Cliques: The cliques are the same as usual. OGs tend to be aloof from the whole cut and thrust of politicking though and tend to be a force unto themselves. Individual and somewhat self-focussed.

3. Check your concept with your GM. OGs tend to only work if they have a strong link with the group (a son, daughter or sibling) or if the whole group is OGs, a group of friends who exist outside the politicking and fighting.

4. 90s revival goths have 70 points to spend on statistics. 80s goths have 80 points to spend on statistics.

5. 90s revival goths have 80 points to spend on skills. 80s goths have 90 points to spend on skills.

6. 90s revival goths have 12 points to spend on powers. 80s goths have 15 points to spend on powers. OGs have some extra options when it comes to the various powers, alternative versions of the existing powers.

7. Choose merits and flaws.

8. 90s revival goths have a starting juice capacity of of 8. 80s goths have a starting juice capacity of 10. They start at half this total, the same as other Bloodsuckers.

9. 90s revival goths start with 6 Angst. 80s goths start with 7 Angst.

10. Select equipment.

11. Work out your cool. Reduce the total by 1 for 90s revival goths and 2 for 80s goths. Don’t trust anyone over thirty.

12. Double check everything.

13. Fill out your details.

14. OGs have an additional stat called ‘Meh’ which represents the extent to which they really, really can no longer be bothered with stupid games. This applies as extra difficulty for tasks and rolls as determined by the Games Master. 90s revival goths have a Meh of 1, 80s goths have a Meh of 2. Meh can go up and down but this should only be the result of really, really getting involved or showing supreme indifference. Failure when you DO get involved in a plot or scheme can increase Meh. Should Meh ever reach 5 the OG completely withdraws from Bloodsucker society and tries to forget what they are.


Dramatics – OGs get to roll an extra dice when using Dramatics as they have the benefit of years of experience.

Ignored – OGs use their ignored powers in subtly different ways. Rather than sneaking and hiding Level 1 ignored provides them a bonus to fast talking, lying, making excuses and otherwise wriggling out of social situations they’ve gotten themselves into. Level 2 lets them spend points to make themselves memorable (albeit as ‘that freak’) rather than forgotten. Level 3 remains the same.

Transmogrification – OGs turn into the more typical vampire forms of wolf and bat. Something that irritates the younger Bloodsuckers, who can’t.

Venom – OGs get a bonus to their Venom rolls equal to their ‘Meh’ score.

Mehgic – OGs have their own power, Mehgic. At level 1 this costs 3 juice. At level 2, 2 juice. At level 3 one juice. When spent it allows them to add their ‘Meh’ score to resist any supernatural power used against them because they just really, really don’t care any more.