Trollspace: Kindred

A baseline human, these are the most widespread species throughout the galaxy in Trollspace. Humans come in all shapes and sizes, all shades, all hues, all philosophies, ideologies, religions and degrees of development. The civilised galaxy, such as it is, is shaped by human thought, deeds and communities. HumBASE are also known as ‘wild’ or ‘straight’ humans in a derogatory fashion, despite their numbers. HumBASE, HumMESO and HumECTO can all interbreed and are all considered ‘human’, legally and morally.

All Stats: X1

A genetically modified human, these are found on mining worlds, industrial worlds and high gravity worlds where their shortness of stature, muscular bulk and inherent toughness are considered beneficial. On such worlds they often outnumber base humans on such worlds. HumMESO are marked by their wiry body hair, dark and ruddy complexions and their tendency to develop thick callouses and ‘caulliflower’ ears.

Str, Con & Weight: x2
Luck & Height: x0.67
All other Stats: x1

Willowy and thin, these genetically modified humans have been altered to promote their psychic talent, empathy and social integration at the expense of their physical prowess. As such they are often found on board ships, orbital habitats, asteroid forts and other low gravity environments where their physical lacks are less pronounced. HumECTO tend towards the androgynous, though there’s a certain, willowy beauty to both genders. They are marked by unusually coloured hair and eyes and pronounced points to their ears.

Con & Weight: x0.67

Int & Luck: x1.5
Chr & Psi: x2
All other Stats: x1

Artifical intelligences, drones are small, compact, flying devices that hover on antigravity repulsors and manipulate their surroundings using complex forcefield manipulations. Drones of all types exist but a player-character drone is self-aware and capable of initiating its own action. Drone are generally no larger than a watermelon and made of metal and composite. Drones were originally designed to be companions, AI secretaries and dogsbodies for other sentient beings and many retain, or revile, a servile attitude.

Str & Con: x0.25
Dex: x3
Luck, Chr: x2
Height & Weight: x0.1
No Psi.
All other stats: x1.

The most widespread alien species besides humans, the Telit are spider-like aliens whose creepy appearance is offset by their tendency to be charming, fun-loving bon vivants. There’s nothing a Telit likes more than a good meal, a silk hammock and a spicule full of a mild narcotic.

Str & Height: x0.5
Con: x2
Dex & Luck: x1.5
All other stats: x1

Artificial intelligences built along humanoid lines by the guilds, militaries, companies and governments of the Trollspace galaxy, Avatars are mobile AIs that interface with – or often are – ships, vehicles, station controllers and other InfoSpace entities. Avatars may not be specialists or paragons.

Str & Int: x2
Con & Weight: x10
Dex: x0.75
No Psi.
All other stats: x1

The Morfran are highly genetically engineered soldiers, changed so much that they are no longer considered human and cannot interbreed in the manner that other genetically modified humans can. Morfran can only breed with other Morfran though most are grown in vats. Morfran were created to be soldiers and warriors, cheaper to produce in numbers than Avatars and in this role they have surpassed all expectations. Morfran’s are marked by their coloured skin which makes them stand out easily in a crowd, a means of identification beyond their otherwise strange appearance following the same philosophy behind dying methlyated spirits purple.

Str & Con: x2
Luck: x0.75
Height: x1.5
Weight: x2
All other stats: x1