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@ctiv8: Libya, The Nuclear Option


With the rebel forces in Libya advancing on Sirte there’s concern amongst justice and human rights advocates that Gadhaffi and his regime will get away. There’s also concern amongst intelligence agencies that the information that Gadhaffi retains on the international trade in nuclear and biological materials may be lost, information that he was trading prior to the rebellion to bring Libya ‘in from the cold’. This information, including whatever choice bits Gadhaffi was withholding to horse trade with, could buy him protection and ‘exile’ status in a sympathetic country, either in the west where the intelligence is useful or in one of the other ambitious ‘rogue’ states in the world.

@ctiv8 members have resolved to do something about this. While finding Gadhaffi is probably beyond their scope as he will be very well hidden and well defended most of his military assets are currently in Sirte. Loyalist soldiers, tribal members as well as caches of information, Libyan currency, bullion and other assets as Sirte is one of the last places with good access to the sea to be found in the hands of the old regime.

If the nuclear underground information can be found and captured then the intelligence can end up in more responsible hands and Gadhaffi and his sons will have less to trade with to try and secure their protection from the rebels. While outright or even special forces operations by NATO powers is out of the question, @ctiv8 as private individuals with no political or national affiliation as such have no such compunction.


The @ctiv8 cell’s mission goals are as follows:

  1. Gain access to Libya.
  2. Gain entry to Sirte.
  3. Locate the regime intelligence cache with their nuclear underground information.
  4. Take that information.
  5. Ex-filtrate to a safe country.


Gaining access to the country could be difficult. There are western special forces heading over there as trainers and advisers. There are also private contractors and company negotiators entering rebel held areas to try and work on reconstruction negotiations. The transitional government is fairly determined to sort things out for themselves and isn’t particularly welcoming to on-the-ground foreign involvement, though they do welcome the airstrikes. Charity and relief groups, perhaps, represent the best way to get into the country if these other methods (special visas or faking up a military mission) fail. Failing that, infiltration from a neighbouring country (Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Tunisia or Sudan) or across the Meditarranean may be the best bet.

Getting into Sirte may be more difficult. The bulk of the regime’s remaining forces and armaments are there and they’re very much on the alert and the defensive. Waiting for the rebel forces to march on the city may allow the team to infiltrate during the chaos, but it would also be dangerous. If native – or passing for native – they might pretend to be Gadhaffi loyalists and gain access that way, but their story would have to be good and to hold up under reasonable scrutiny. A military style infiltration by sea may be effective, but will also be very difficult.

Locating the intelligence cache will either take luck, tenacity or interrogating their way up the loyalist military food-chain until they get to someone in the know. The cache is also likely to be well hidden and well defended.

Leaving again has all the same problems as getting into the country.


Characters with military or intelligence experience are a bonus, as are natives to Libya and those who speak Libyan Arabic or Modern Standard Arabic. Arabs, Berbers, Tuaregs and Tebus can all pass for locals and there were sizeable numbers of foreign nationals in Libya, though these were mostly limited to the capital.

IT/decryption specialists would also be useful as would interrogators or technicians/inventors working on equipment that could give the group an advantage, stealth transport aircraft, rebreathing aqualungs and so forth. Experts in stealth, psychology, misdirection and other specialities might also prove useful as would those with previous corporate contacts with the regime or others they might have reason to think were friendly.


‘Amazon’ Bodyguards

Gadhaffi and his sons had/have an elite bodyguard of highly trained, ‘Amazonian’ women soldiers. While there are some claims that some of these women were, in effect, courtesans to be raped and used to amuse Gadhaffi, his sons and his command they did fulfil their bodyguard role and may still be found in numbers (there were originally around forty) protecting key personnel and regime loyalists.

Charm 4 Control 4
Resolve 4 Resistance 4
Dexterity 3 Speed 3
Intelligence 3 Perception 4
Strength 3 Resilience 4
Awareness 4, Firearms 4 (Pistol & SMG), Close Combat 4 (Knife), Athletics 3, Intimidation 3
TT Pistol, FNP90 or FNF2000, Combat Knife

Khamis Brigade

The 32nd Reinforced Brigade of the Armed People, now the Khamis Brigade under the command of Colonol Gadhaffi’s son Khamis, is a special forces brigade and the best armed, best equipped and most loyal of his forces before or after the rebellion. It numbers perhaps 3,000 men, reinforced with unknown numbers of French-speaking mercenaries from Sub Saharan Africa. Technically a Heavy Mechanised unit, thanks to NATO airstrikes the loyalist forces have been unable to use their heavy equipment effectively. Since the rebellion has turned against Gadhaffi’s forces the Khamis brigade has been implicated in the systematic murder of prisoners of war.

Charm 3 Control 4
Resolve 4 Resistance 3
Dexterity 3 Speed 3
Intelligence 3 Perception 3
Strength 3 Resilience 3
Awareness 3, Stealth 2, Firearms 3 (Assault Rifle), Close Combat 3 (Knife) Athletics 3, Intimidation 3
TT Pistol, AKM, Combat Knife.

Regular Soldiers

The regular soldiers that remain loyal to the regime are demoralised but still well equipped, considering.

Charm 3 Control 3
Resolve 2 Resistance 2
Dexterity 3 Speed 3
Intelligence 3 Perception 3
Strength 3 Resilience 3
Awareness 2, Firearms 3, Close Combat 2, Athletics 2
TT Pistol, AK47/FN F2000, Combat Knife

Loyalist Mob

Many of those who remain loyal to Gadhaffi have been armed from supply caches and turned out to fight, albeit undisciplined and not especially under control.

Charm 3 Control 3
Resolve 2 Resistance 2
Dexterity 3 Speed 3
Intelligence 3
Perception 3
Strength 3 Resilience 3
Firearms 1, Brawling 1
SKS or AK47

Typical Arms

TT Pistol – Old fashioned Russian pistol, 8 round magazine 7.62 – Damage 7
Beretta M12 – Robust and compact 9mm SMG, 20/32/40 round magazine – Damage 8
FNP90 – Modern and compact bullpup assault rifle/SMG5.7mm SMG, 50 round magazine – Damage 8 – Autofire, Armour Piercing (-2 Armour).
SKS – Old style semi-Automatic combat rifle, 7.62 rifle, 10 round mag – Damage 12
AK47 – The classic poor-man’s assault rifle.  7.62 Assault Rifle, 10/20/30/40 round magazine – Autofire, Damage 12
AKM – Slightly updated version of the AK47, 7.62 Assault Rifle, 20/30/40 round magazine – Autofire, Damage 12
FN F2000 – Modern bullpup assault rifle, 5.56 Assault Rifle, 30 round magazine – Autofire, Damage 10
RPD – 7.62 Light machine gun, 100 round drum – Autofire, Damage 12
RPK – 7.62 Light machine gun, 40 round mag, 75/100 round drum – Autofire, Damage 12
PK – 7.62 Light machine gun, 100/200/250 round box – Autofire, Damage 12

Machine Gun Toting trucks count as SUV/Pickups.