Gosh, Spies! (Preview)

TitleWendyGosh, Spies! will be coming along soonish, though it’s going to be delayed by some urgent Interactive Fiction work for Kindle, iStore and Social Networking.

Gosh, Spies! is a supplement for Agents of SWING and will expand the SWING world into the realms of children’s, tweens and teens adventure fiction, drawing on such diverse sources as Enid Blyton, Hanna Barbera and ‘Keene’/’Dixon’ as well as later skits and reinterpretations of the same ideas and characters, giving our own spin on them.

As well as a catalogue of pre-generated characters from these sources you’ll get rules expansions for making youthful characters, rules changes for running child-investigations, suggestion on how to run games for a younger audience – particularly girls and a bunch of background information on SWING’s younger agents, their training and the boarding schools where they teach them to be spies.

Essentially, Gosh, Spies! will provide you with a bunch of characters and villainous organisations suited to the sub-genre (though I’ll try to avoid ‘Gypsies’ as a villainous group) and a whole lot of expansionary material. We thrive on feedback here at Postmortem Studios though and would love you to let us know what material you’d like to see come out for Agents of SWING besides the planned ‘Nefarious’ villains book, Gosh, Spies! and the as-yet-unnamed gadget catalogue.

Do you want more adventures? Perhaps a campaign against a singular villainous agency? What about a guide to SWINGing London? Perhaps something more ‘adult’ or psychedelic, these were the times of Free Love and Happenings after all.

If you want to run Agents of SWING – or any of our other games – at a convention we’re happy to lend support in any way we can. Same goes for if you’re willing to run demo games online via Infrno or other, similar services. We’d also appreciate it, if you like our games, that you’d tell others about it by blog or tweet or status update, by review or forum post. Feedback is wonderful, so it seeing enthusiasm for our games reflected in the community and as a small, independent publisher that kind of positivity is something one really needs.

I’d also like to remind you all that we have a couple of copies of the SWING deluxe set still available. The Deluxe Set contains a hardback copy of the main rulebook, copies of the Agent’s and Control notebooks, SWING branded pencils, dice sets and chips. Everything you need to play the game in a shiny blue box. Limited copies will be available at Dragonmeet & Indiecon but if you want to be sure to get one, you need to order soon.

SWING is a very fun game to write and develop for as well as – hopefully – a fun game for you to play. The streamlined and simplified version of FATE that we developed for SWING is likely to be the foundation of future FATE games that we develop and so any general suggestions regarding the way that the SWING version works would also be greatly appreciated.

Getting feedback and excitement from gamers is like getting blood from a stone sometimes but, be assured, Postmortem Studios does listen.

You can buy Agents of SWING here or in hardcopy here.