Outbreak REVEALED!

If you’ve been following me on Twitter then you know that I’ve been working on two SECRET PROJECTS over the last few months. One of those has already been revealed, the other is this one, OUTBREAK.

Outbreak is a sort of updated ‘choose your own adventure’ for the age of the mobile phone and the iPad. It’s a textual adventure, albeit with many of the accoutrements of more modern game forms, creating a form of interactive fiction which we think combines the best aspects of games and stories.

I have worked hard in this project to bring a tabletop-gaming sensibility and a personal touch to the story, to make it about more than simple slaughter of the infected, with investigative elements, a thought out background and a plausible interpretation of what might happen in such an event and where it might stem from.

Six chapters have been turned in already and we’re aiming for at least three times as many as that for release but the game has the potential to go on in almost an unlimited fashion. There are many side-elements that reveal parts of the plot and many items and codes that you might miss on a single play-through of the story. Hopefully people will find it engaging, exciting, sinister and worthwhile.

The company is a new start-up and is looking to gather some of the funding for the project through Kickstarter.* If you pledge some money you COULD even get immortalised in the story 🙂

This is a big project for me and my second foray into social gaming, so I hope people will lend some support and help us get it off the ground.