Agents of SWING: Gosh, Spies! Preview

Gosh, Spies! is going to cover the phenomenon of child/tween/teen spies within the world-setting of Agents of SWING. It will largely concentrate on the young ladies since I’ll also be drawing on the old girl’s comics like Bunty and Jackie for inspiration as well as the Blyton style mystery solvers like The Famous Five, Secret Seven and so on, not to mention Nancy Drew. The main concentration will be on the Gosh Girls and another travelling team of lady mystery solvers, The Teen Valkyries (minus Captain Neanderthal after the… incident).

There will also be rules and guidelines for making child/tween/teen characters of all genders, writing adventures suitable for younger characters (and players) and capturing the feel of these sorts of sources, whether modern reinventions or harking back to the classics.

Why would SWING use child investigators? Well, SWING is an unconventional organisation and not bound by the laws and moralities that might govern others. Many agents have children and want to stay close to them, many children have special abilities or are the first port of call when their brilliant scientist fathers want to experiment with something. Children are often overlooked and thus can make great spies and what with the various enemies determined to recruit young, SWING needs to do the same. Great agents CAN be made at Spy School!

Coming soon(ish).