The full and proper announcement – with some pictures and so on to whet your appetite – will come on Monday. They’re all 95% prepared now though so I can tell you precisely what you’ll get for your money.There are only ten sets. One is being saved for Indiecon and one for Dragonmeet leaving eight for general sale.

  • Hand-distressed and SWING liveried blue box containing…
  • Enough dice for five players and Control (red, white, blue, black and yellow).
  • Poker chips for FATE points (same colours).
  • Five copies of the Agent’s Casefile for your players.
  • One copy of Control’s Casefile for Control.
  • Six Agents of SWING branded pencils.
  • Pencil sharpener.
  • Flower Power Eraser
  • Agent’s of SWING badge.
  • Individual adventure seed, unique to each box.

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