General Update

For some reason I always thought this picture was from Whoops Apocalypse because to me, it just looks ridiculous.

Let’s give you a general update on what’s going on here at Postmortem.

  • Over and above everything else I really want some people to help with volunteering. So please go and check out THIS post. A good number of people said they’d like to help with demos and things but I’ve only had a couple of bites so far. I’ll try to make it worth your while as best I can. Primarily I’m after people who attend cons and so on and can do games there, but people involved in online gaming via sites and products like Infrno are also sought. I just don’t have the time to do this kind of stuff AND promote, layout, write and everything else. I’m essentially at the very limit of what I can do as a one-man-show, even with the part-time help of a few kindly people.
  • I’d remind you I’m also looking to hook up some deals with other small publishers and direct deals with hobby stores. You can read about that HERE.
  • You can get the cool, groovy, hardcopy version of Cthentacle on proper, awesome cards. More info HERE.
  • I’m concentrating on shorter projects and products for the most part. So there should be a steady flow of ‘stuff’ while longer stuff comes together bit by bit.
  • Big projects currently being worked on are PROJECT, a semi-secret project called Gilder and a social-gaming project I can’t get into too much.
  • Supplementary material for Courtesans and others are in the works, which I’ll have to layout, but that does mean they should be coming along fairly soon.
  • Additional SWING material is in the works, Nefarious (the villains supplement), and Gosh, Spies! (young girl investigators and spies). There’ll be more along as we move forward and likely more adventures, given Snake Eyes has done well.
  • Autopsy 3 will be the last themed and regular formatted Autopsy magazine. After that we’ll be going landscape and using it to polish up and extend blog articles – as well as extra articles – collecting them together and giving them some polish to make them more worthwhile and available for people.

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