Agents of SWING: COIL

The new adventure, SNAKE EYES introduces a new enemy organisation called COIL.
If you want to use COIL in your own games, here are their organisational details:

COIL – Capital Oligarch International League

Scale: 3 Medium
Scope: 3 Regional: First World Nations (Europe, North America, Pacific Rim)
Aspects:Hidden From Sight, Rich Beyond Dreams of Avarice, Mercantile.

Influence: First World Nations +1 (Elsewhere-1)
Information: First World Nations +1 (Elsewhere -1)
Resources: +7
Diplomacy: +1
Security: +1
Administration: +1

Organisation Physical Stress: OOOOOOO
Organisation Composure Stress: OOOOOOOOOO
Social Stress: OOOOO

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