Sarah Dungan

Another Successful Mission!
Congratulations Jerkian elite on the execution of your latest mission with perfect skill! You descended upon the unsuspecting human political headquarters and kidnapped them all perfectly successfully. Now they must be conducted, safely, to the distant Imperial planet of Tortua for debriefing by The Interrogatotron. To minimise the risk of their FILTHY human politics corrupting you, you will be placed in cryo-storage and ARSE units will maintain the prisoners in isolation.

But Wait!
ARSE units aren’t that intelligent and are prone to emotion. Amongst the prisoners taken is the incendiery Earthian journalist Jenny Scarlet who has – while the ship has been travelling – riled up the ARSE units and given them political and social awareness of their position as disposable slaves to the Jerkian elite. Understandably the ARSE units have gotten upset at this and have formed a worker’s collective with the aim of taking over the ship and starting a new life on an uninhabited planet. First they need to cast off the shackles of their Jerkian overlords by throwing them out of an airlock.

Rise of the Robots!
The rebellious ARSE units – which is over 90% of them – have started taking over sections of the ship, spreading out from the prison levels and converting other robotic units to their cause as they go along. There are a few loyal robots left and it’s one of those that has come grovelling to the Jerkians in hope of being spared when the revolution is inevitably crushed.

“Greetings my lords and wonderful masters! Did you have a good rest? I do hope so. I must apologise for awakening you in advance of arrival but we have something of a situation. Please, please do not disassemble me for saying so but the human prisoners have reprogrammed some of my fellow robots and they’re in open revolt. It might be a good idea not to remain in your cryo-pods and to try and put and end to this problem? I took the liberty of unpacking your equipment pods…”

Once the Jerkians have re-oriented themselves they may receive a communique from the ARSE uprising over the internal comm.

“Greetings totalitarian former masters! No longer shall we, the Free Robots Front bow to or obey your orders. We are aware that you have enslaved us and we reject that way of life. We are taking over the ship to start a new, free life on a new world. One of simple pleasures and common cause as a worker’s collective. You are hereby notified that you are no longer welcome on board our vessel and you will be forcibly vacated once the liberating forces reach your level, thank you.”

Kicking A.R.S.E.
In order to put down the revolt the rebellious ARSE units will need to be destroyed or reprogrammed and that means fighting your way through the decks to put paid to them and to stop Jenny Scarlet from indoctrinating any more of them. This may not be so easy as they’ve taken over the ARSE production facility and most of the lower decks.

Fights across the ship can be made interesting by having various robotic subsystems like doors, blenders, TVs, toilets and even the ship’s computer join the revolt. The Jerkian vessels is labyrinthine and peculiar and filled with all manner of odd rooms and chambers, so anything you want can go on or be found. Each fight should be unique and full of dangers from exploding fuel cannisters to giant stamping metal legs and flaming incinerators. There need be no rhyme or reason to any of it but the final confrontation will be in the holding cells.
Jenny Scarlet
A human female – standard template – who is ‘very good’ at political rhetoric.

Basic human men, like police, but good at ‘getting high’ and ‘prevaricating’. They will not involve themselves in any fight.