Ian’s Houserules for Hellcats & Hockey Sticks

A game by the inestimable Andy Peregrine available HERE and HERE (hardcopy)





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Hellcats and Hockeysticks House Rules

By Ian Warner


I’m not disparaging other writers in any way, shape or form when I tinker with their rules, and neither are you. RPGs are probably the most accessible of Media in that if you want to change something, for whatever reason you can without any technical skill beyond a basic understanding of how the system works.

Recently I’ve been reading Andrew Peregrine’s hilarious Hellcats and Hockeysticks. Going through I made a few of amendments to suit my own and what I believe to be my group’s tastes.

Change 1: Coquettes can Charm ANYBODY!

It is very St Trinians as is but the limiting of the Coquette ability to heterosexual males makes it quite weak compared with say the fearlessness of the Scientist or the “Mad Skilz” of the Exchange Students. After all if the Adventure is set on school grounds it is possible that you can go a whole session without seeing a heterosexual male. As such I personally rule that anyone can be the target of the Coquette’s wiles.

Yeah I know I seem to have a thing for girl on girl but it’s not just that. Gay male or asexual characters are also legitimate targets.

They’re not charmed in the conventional way that would be a little offensive, implying that being gay or asexual can be “cured” by a pretty girl and as I’m not a batshit crazy American Christian pseudo-scientist I don’t want such crap in my games however funny it may be to some people.

Instead gay men targeted by a Coquette see the little madam as the perfect girl to go shopping with or chat about boys (there that stereotype is not nearly as offensive!)

Asexual characters become platonically fond of the minx. If their asexuality is religious they may want to “save her wicked soul.” If not they may wish to convince her of whatever personal philosophy they follow or talk out their insecurities.

Change 2: More of a Mechanical Effect for Best Friends and Rivals

I understand why this isn’t here. They are supposed to be secrets. However as anyone who has played Paranoia knows it is easy enough for things to start secret but they never remain secret for long. Also as I don’t use the Revoking Friendship rules (see below) these two traits need some kind of mechanical effect.

Under my system you select your Best Friend and Rival as normal. Where it differs is in the effect of Secret Loathings.

Firstly I set a solid number of these. You must pick 3, 2 of which are either justified or semi justified and 1 of which is BATSHIT INSANE!

Why this restriction? Because under my system, when your Secret Loathing is justified in your Rival’s actions you gain 1 Willpower point. In the unlikely event of the batshit insane one being so justified you gain 2 Willpower points.

Just to keep things more secret and fair I have also done something similar with the Best Friend.

Pick 3 “Ideals” or things you adore about your Best Friend: Again 2 justifiable and 1 batshit insane. When the Best Friend lives up to these ideals you gain a Willpower point (2 for the batshit insane one!)

It is up to the Headmistress to award these points though subtly reminding her may be appreciated. Blurting it out won’t!

Change 3: No Revoking Friendship

I don’t have a problem with social combat rules in fact I’m writing a game revolving round them. However I find the Revoking Friendship system a bit too complicated and unwieldy for my taste. Particularly as most of my regulars are complete noobs!


Other than these 3 changes I pretty much run RAW. It’s a good game and when I’ve had another read through and have run a game I will post a proper review.

Until then stay naughty girls!