Victoriana: Monkey Business

The mysterious Monsieur Terreur is a mercenary assassin, based in the deep countryside of Southern France where he maintains a peculiar and singular zoo of his own construction. Here he imports and trains great apes as assassins. Their unrivaled strength and natural ferocity brought to a terrible peak, their bodies clad and armed for the urban jungle. Monsieur Terreur has trained his ape killers to hunt down and kill particular targets, based on their scent and appearance and unleashes his horrors upon the rooftops to track down and beat to death those who have been targeted before returning to his cage-wagon for their reward.

Monsieur Terreur and his killer apes can make good subjects for investigation, or colourful henchmen for the true villain of a Victoriana adventure.

Killer Ape
With a terrifying and primal scream, like something out of the fevered dreams of a naturalist, a thing of hair, metal and teeth comes swinging through the window in a shower of broken glass, reaching for you with arms as powerful as a locomotive, clad in steel and hooks.
Physical: 11
Mental: 4
Health: 7/14
Armour: 2 (natural) 8 (Cuirass) total 10.
Damage: Brawl (6d) – Armoured climbing gloves, also provide +1 bonus to climbing rolls in urban terrain.

The killer ape is glad in a metal breastplate and helmet that covers its eyes and skull but leaves its toothed jaw free to scream, holler and bite. Its hands are glad in metal gloves that end in hooks, makings its attacks more fierce and allowing it to get better grip on urban surfaces such as bricks and drainpipes, rather than its native jungle branches.

Monsieur Terreur
No amount of expensive clothing can hide this man’s low breeding, the slope of his forehead, the greasiness of his moustache, the beady eyes that betray him to be a cunning sociopath of the criminal classes. He sneers at you, showing a gold tooth and shouts out ‘Attaque!’ With a deafening crack a great whip is snapped back in his gloved hand, ready to strike, its length glittering with powdered glass.
Physical Competence: 7
Mental Competence: 12
Signature Skills: Animal Handling, Drive Carriage, Bull.
Traits: Animal Empathy, Agility, Street Informant, Ancestral Estate, Income Upper Class 2.
Health: 5/10
Weapon: Glass Whip (12)