@ctiv8: Royal Wedding

If this guy is a real Anarchist, I will eat my own testicles. Pic from Evening Standard.

@ctiv8 is an RPG of activism and social change derived from ideas that can be found in Mission Impossible, Global Frequency and the real-life (dis)organisation, Anonymous, as well as flash mobs and social uprisings in The Middle East and elsewhere.

The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is set against a backdrop of savage cuts to the social infrastructure of Britain with many of these cuts being pushed through on the back of social deference to the rulings classes, despite them having no clear remit to make such sweeping changes. Meanwhile the establishment is carrying on much as before, bankers are still getting their bonuses, corporations are being let off tax and much vaunted increased restrictions on risky bank ventures are yet to materialise. Questionable military involvement continues in Afghanistan and elsewhere while the revolts in the Middle East are inspiring similar ambitions amongst activists across the world.

In the UK there is a strengthening protest movement and a chance, though a slim one, that the electoral system may be changed to become fairer and more representative. Despite that the establishment is still intent on pursuing their aims, gutting the public sector and dismantling much of the social safety net. In the middle of all this comes the Royal Wedding, a demonstration of profligate excess and gutless toadying to the established order that is somewhat akin to beating a rabid and starving wolf with a roast turkey.

A propaganda war is already in progress to demonise protesters and there are extremists who will seek to disrupt the wedding in a violent manner, a way that is as likely to backfire in terms of public response as it is to change anyone’s mind for the better.

@ctiv8 can get involved in several ways in the nascent protests, but they’ll have their work cut out considering the massive size of the police operation involved, the tightness of security and the potential use of anti-terrorism laws to prevent any groups that aren’t fans of the royal couple from attending.

Possible @ctiv8 missions/combos could include:

  • Training activists to be better at tackling police, especially mounted/riot police.
  • Targeting police units/equipment prior to the day.
  • Preparing a big prank/coup to execute on the day.
  • Countering police agents provocateur.
  • Counter extremists who could turn the whole thing into a debacle.
  • Place measures into media so that what goes out is raw, live, genuine footage from activists.

Possible opposition could include:

  • Various police units.
  • Royal protection squad.
  • MI5
  • Terrorists
  • Extremists
  • Concerned citizens
  • Right wing media

Standard police will have stats/skills around the 3/3 marker appropriate to their role with single focus. Specialist units rising to 4/4 with two foci. This would be an extremely high risk endeavour but for it to be a PR success it needs to go off smoothly and be accurately reported – two things that haven’t happened with recent protests. Indeed the age of the mass protest and standard direct action may be over.

Characters would need appropriate hacking, security, unarmed combat, teaching, activist, revolutionary and other skills sets and should be built round that sort of role.