Postmortem Studios are proud to announce commencement on the resurrection of the never-completed PROJECT RPG. James ‘Grim’ Desborough and Mark Whittington will be working to complete the game and to release it. We hope to make the old playtest document available as a preview relatively soon, but meanwhile you’ll just have to point and drool.

PROJECT is set after a global catastrophe and the ensuing, piecemeal, rebuilding of civilization.

Some time in the second millennium a terrible phenomenon (known as the ‘Mindquake’) started in the small town of Calico, near Jerusalem. A tidal wave of psychic energy spread around the globe, making people scream and clutch at their heads in agony. Their language centres were rendered inoperable leaving them without the ability to read or write. The more densely populated areas fed the phenomenon, people’s verbal comprehension also being destroyed. Over the next  few months humanity fell into savagery.

Only 99% of the population were affected, as those living in isolation were apparently left alone. When they arrived back at the cities they found chaos and anarchy, with groups of people regressing to tribal behaviour. Those people that were still able to speak, became the new leaders.The next generation to be born could learn to read and write as normal, and humanity began to rebuild from the ashes and detritus of the old world.

The old ghosts of the human race returned in full force. Greed, fascism, racism, famine, war and disease all thrived in the environment of
the Post-Fall world and religious cults became the new power. People burnt books, fearing the old ways, and superstition replaced science for many.

After 300 years or so, humanity began to crawl back from the brink of destruction, each generation of children rediscovering old knowledge and technology, rebuilding the cities and rediscovering their history. The rise of humanity accelerated, but along the way we realised that we had visitors; dark shadows skulking at the periphery of the firelight. The ‘Mindquake’ had weakened the walls of reality allowing Psycho-Magnetic Energy (or PME) to leak into the world.This energy opened holes in our reality, and entities from neighbouring dimensions followed the flow and slipped in through the gaps.

Some of these creatures were benevolent but most wanted to bleed us dry. Spirits and demons, the monsters spoken of in the lost books had returned. Humanity realised it was living in a world of the supernatural again at the time of its greatest weakness and that no-one could defend it.

Until PROJECT came along.

PROJECT is an organisation gifted with advanced technology, built from the knowledge recovered from before the fall and improved by capturing and using the entities as a resource. PROJECT develops weapons and enhancements and trains its agents to fight the tide of the strange. The first operatives that tested these enhancements (known as the Alpha team) have now left our world to carry the fight back to the entities’ own dimensions leaving the gauntlet free to be taken up by a new generation of enhanced ‘soldiers’.

Will PROJECT succeed? Only time will tell.

Characters in PROJECT are a group of enhanced operatives using weapons, abilities and psychic powers to defend a city and its surrounding area from ‘entities’: monsters from other dimensions hell bent on eating, breeding with, or just plain destroying humanity. As the campaign continues, the characters will realise that PROJECT itself may not be the benevolent organisation it is cracked up to be, and that uncovering the secrets of the past and the hidden plans for the future can be dangerous. Do they continue the fight as loyal soldiers, or take up the battle on their own terms?


Well look here! New SLA stuff and it even seems to be something that I wrote back in the day! Nightfall Games are back and are going to be starting to pump out the SLA material again. You get Dave’s grotesque art, the writerly stylings of myself – and others – and you get to play SLA again with new, shiny stuff. How cool is that?

You can buy it HERE