Yes, I’m going to keep telling you to buy this…

This amazing pack contains:

  • Cthentacle – The Cthulhu themed tentacle sex card game on PDF with both its supplements (The Dunbitch Horror and The Mountings of Madness).
  • Hentacle – The Anime themed tentacle sex card game on PDF with all of its supplements (Sloppy Seconds, Three’s an Orgy and 4/Play)
  • Cthentacle art preview book
  • Hentacle art book
  • Final Straw – Another card game with art by Zel.
  • Autopsy Issue 1 – Sex and romance in roleplaying.
  • Hentacle and Cthentacle computer wallpapers.
  • A unique booklet unavailable anywhere else featuring gaming articles and previews, erotic short stories and original Hentacle/Cthentacle themed art and pinups.

It’s a whole bundle of art, fiction, games and goodness. Over $50 worth for only $15.
Only available for a short time!
Profits going to Japanese Red Cross.

Buy it HERE and let the word go forth!

Yes you will have to register but the family of sites sells a lot of cool stuff on PDF and PoD and it’s worth your while doing so, even if it’s JUST to buy this.