Invaderz Adventure Seed: Mooning

The filthy humans – so primitive that they still set off explosives under themselves to get into space – have been talking about returning to their inferior, singular moon for some time. Until now the Jerkian Empire has been sure that they would never bother given the sickening uselessness of their technology and their peculiarly insular political system, dictatorship by the Emperor is FAR more effective.

Now, however, something has changed, perhaps due to repeated Jerkian inference on Earth. The problem is that one of the imperial fleets is stationed on and behind the moon and while it would be easy to simply destroy the Earthian expedition, that would tip the Jerkian hand and make things more difficult than they would need to be.

Fleet Commander of intelligence, Xoz, has detailed the team to deal with the problem, not by destroying the humans but by ensuring that the mission – once it lands – is plagued with problems and distracted from noticing the flying saucer, rubbish heaps, graffiti, footprints and other evidence of alien presence.

Accomplishing this WITHOUT destroying the humans is the challenge…

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