Another Invaderz Review!

This time from HERE

On complete impulse, I picked up the Pocket Edition of Invaderz by Postmortem Studios What the heck it was only about $2. And it was well worth it.
You are a vat-grown Clone Trooper of the Jerkian Empire and you have been sent to Earthian Front to carry out the Enormous Emperor’s whims. Invaderz is a humorous hodgepodge of Invader Zim, Destroy All Humans, Mars Attacks and Paranoia.
Character generation is dirt simple. Generate your name. Roll to see which profession your character has. You might even be one of the Jerkian slave races. Pity the poor guy that ends up with a Hamstoid Minesweeper. Red Shirts have a longer life expectancy than you do. Tweak character. Roll for random piece of equipment. Roll for random piece of experimental equipment. Get issued your Automated, Robotic Servile Entity or A.R.S.E. Unit. Strap on your Furry Utility Rucksack or F.U.R. Then let the fun and carnage begin. The mechanics are also really simple. Just a modified d6 roll. I mean after all this a beer and pretzels/crisps game. That’s all there is to it. The fun part is Merits and Demerits. The characters are all vying for rank and the favor of the Enlarged Emperor. Now the brown nosing and backstabbing begin.
Invaderz is perfect for a fun little pick up game, con game or a “well what the hell are we going to do tonight” type of game. Even if you don’t ever play the game, just reading it is good for a laugh.

Buy it now! The Pants Command you! Available from Drivethrurpg.

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