Invaderz: If at first you don’t succeed, probe and probe again…

An Adventure Seed for Invaderz
Star Captain Zog has a special, personal mission for the team that he would consider a personal favour. As captain of a science vessel Zog has been involved in capturing and experimenting upon insignificant humans for some years. After the last series of probulations Zog found that his platinum chronometer, presented to him by the emperor himself for his work during the Zorgian uprising, was missing. Having searched the ship thoroughly Zog is convinced that he lost his chronometer while probulating humans from the remote Alaskan town of Moosarkana.

The team is charged with recovering this lost timepiece but the problem is that Zog was extremely diligent and zealous in his probulations and there’s a huge number of potential victims that could have the timepiece lodged inside them – if they even have it still inside them. To further complicate matters the excessive probulation has been actually noticed by the powers that be, as well as amateur psychologists into hypnotism and Moosarkana is subject to an MIB investigation, further complicating matters for our intrepid Jerkian warriors.

This will end badly, likely for various people’s ‘ends’.

You can buy Invaderz HERE

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