Speak Up

I’m on twitter and facebook.

My company site is a blog.

There’s a Postmortem forum at UKroleplayers and an (inactive) Postmortem e-mail list.

There’s facebook fan pages for most if not all of my product lines.

Yet it’s still bloody, bloody, bloody hard to get any sort of meaningful feedback from anyone. Even people who volunteer to playtest. Unless I’m actively paying someone to write or do something for me it’s hard to get anyone to tell me anything and so, instead, I have to stumble upon mentions of my games here and there or actual play reports. Sometimes a blogger somewhere will mention one of my games or pump out a couple of ideas and it usually takes me a while to find out.

I know I suck at self-promotion, because I am British damn it and we don’t do that sort of thing, but still, it’s bloody hard to wring comments, ideas or even reviews out of people most of the time. Even when people sign up to be playtesters it’s only once in a blue moon that they’ll actually get back to you.

I thrive on communication, argument, discussion and debate and I massively value feedback on my products. I might not agree with what someone says but it’s still valuable to have that other perspective. I’m not THAT scary am I? Why is it so hard to form a community of fans or interested parties? Can’t anyone share their experiences with my games? Other than my friends who I play with (who are great but can only give predictable feedback) and a couple of cons a year it’s very difficult to get opinion from anyone.

So come on, do me a favour, there’s plenty (plenty!) of avenues available to talk to me. Use some of them! Tell me about your experiences with products I’ve worked on, written or produced. Tell me what you’d like to see. Tell me what you like and what you don’t. This is a two way process you know and I’d love to hear what you get up to.

5 responses to “Speak Up

  1. I know what you mean! Getting reviews is really hard. Also being British I suck at self-promotion, I guess it is a racial thing! Perhaps we should form a British Publisher’s Guild or something!
    (As an aside, I find your clip art critter line tremendously useful. Out of interest is it something that is a profitable line for you? I tried something similar with Mysterious Places, but thus far it has been the stellar success I’d hoped.
    I’m on creighton [at] ragingswan [dot] com if you’d like to chat offline.

    • Maybe we should hire a loud American to be our publicist 😉
      CAC is profitable but not massively so. What it IS is a way for me to support the artists who do so much good work for me by providing them with GREAT exposure and a steady trickle of extra income. From my POV it provides me with a varied pool of art that I can draw upon for projects and cements a good relationship with artists.
      The pool to sell art to is smaller than the general pool, since you’re almost exclusively selling to other producers, but that does mean that you can bump the price up a little since it’s still going to be cheaper than commissioned pieces.
      I’ve found selling individual pieces to be more effective – income-wise, than selling collections, though it’s worth doing both.

  2. I’ve sent a copy of Chav to RPG Pundit and Gentleman Gamer the YouTube reviewer says he may do a special on the Shadow World.
    Even if they are crap reviews they’ll get us customers. Look what the That Guy With the Glasses crew have done for the sales of shit movies!

  3. Perhaps the reason nobody likes you is because you’re a fucking asshole who posts shit like Dickwolves.

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