Top 5 RPG Deaths

1. Cyberpunk – The Explosion
Escorting a tanker of fuel across the ravaged states it took a rocket in the back and exploded. Miraculously the character driving survived the main explosion, despite having all his limbs blown off. Hurtled into the air we randomly determined where he would land using scatter. He landed in the town well and, reduced to a limbless sack of organs he plummeted into the watery depths surviving just long enough… to drown.

2. Red Box D&D – Stabbing the Dragon in the Eye
My first and, for a long time only, experience with D&D having been used to other games and more… creative Games Masters. Playing a thief I sneak up to a sleeping dragon and – thinking this would sensibly kill it outright – stab it through the eye to its living brain. Apparently not as I was swiftly flambed and eate, putting me off D&D for around 15 years.

3. Camarilla LARP – The Plummeting Justicar
An NPC death, but still a good one. The daytime sky-yoyoing of a Malkavian Justicar who fell afoul of a crossover Mage character with correspondence will remain one of my favourite LARP deaths of all time.

4. Fantasy Blood! – Hard to Digest
Playing a fantasy game with hardcore horror rules and lots of opportunities for maiming? It seemed like a good idea at the time. Unfortunately the guard captain who got blinded by being stabbed in each eye in his first combat doesn’t apply, as he lived, but fortunately there’s the dwarf who was reduced to a wheezing mass of crippled scar tissue by the acid breath of a hydra but managed to survive long enough to climb INSIDE a giant and kill it before finally succumbing to his wounds.

5. Blood! – Fray Bentos Pies
There’s so many we could go with, but being smacked in the face and killed by a pre-packaged pie tin, hurled by a crazy old woman. Top class.

Gamma World: Watercrass

Found growing wild throughout the south of what was once the British Isles and where it was once cultivated in its pre ‘oops’ form, watercrass is particularly found in Harshire along the contaminated waterways and rivulets of that (glowing) green and pleasant land. Watercrass is noted for its spicy flavour, it’s lush, tangled leaves and its strange mutated defence of saying the most foul, disgusting and inappropriate things to anyone who treads on it or tries to pick it.

Watercrass (Difficult, lightly obscured, improper) The tangled leaves of watercrass provide good cover, though they hinder movement. The constantly whispered innuendos, insults and aspersions to perversity muttered by the crass impose a -2 penalty to any actions while occupying the same space as the crass. Weaker minds my snap under the unrelenting assault to their psyche.

Other forms of more aggressive crass, such as the toxic-gas producing Mustard Crass are also known.