Indiecon 2010

I’m here at Indiecon, seems bigger than the previous years and it’s not even the busiest day yet. Have run Agents of SWING, Setting Sun and Big Steve ran Blood! – an adventure called Windycon, which was a comedy-horror based upon many of our harsh experiences at previous cons. That seemed to go well and it’s my turn to run Blood! tomorrow, as well as the other games.

I am tired and in need of a shower 🙂

There’s a good showing of games here, largely because Cubicle7 is here and championing many, many small press publishers – as are Leisuregames who also have the more conventional games covered.

The usual gang of weirdos, freaks and nerds – and I say that with great affection as well as including myself in the description.

There are two products I am lusting after…

Dust Tactics – blurry photo I know – 70 quid, turns out the figures aren’t pre-painted any more, which annoys me as I really don’t have time to paint them. I lust after this badly, but I know I’ll never get to play it. This makes me a sad panda.

Legends of Anglerre… I am a fan of Starblazer Adventures and my game, SWING, derives from that version of FATE. Anglerre is a fantasy version of the same system and has a lot of good stuff that I can blag for SWING as well as FATE being a great pick-up system of choice and one that I might choose to do one of my upcoming – at some point – fantasy games.

Anglerre’s probably the one I’ll end up buying, sadly because I can use it for work and I will cry and gaze longingly at Dust Tactics.


SWING went down well, as always and Setting Sun – still in early playtesting – seems to be going over well and attracting a lot of attention. This makes me a happy bunny.