Poll Game: Zombie – Overdue conclusion

At the tunnel mouth the soldier sits behind the barricade. It’s been a while since they’ve had any orders but they’re supposed to stop any of the dead coming out, even though they’ve already escaped the city. Out of the dark comes a stumbling shape… a young man, a boy really, dragging his foot, pale as death, with more of the dead following in his wake.

The soldier, little more than a cadet, lines up his shot carefully and squeezes the trigger, just as he sees a flash of sanity, of humanity in the lead dead’s eyes. The corpse falls and the rest of the dead fall upon it, tearing it to pieces… it wasn’t one of them… they were alive. A single tear tracks down the soldier’s cheek as he lines up the rest of his shots, picking off the feeding dead one after another – if only to make him feel better…

The End

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