Status Update

As you may or may not know I’ve not been at all well for the last few months. This is why there hasn’t been much news. What little energy and mental fortitude I’ve had has been devoted to striving to complete the work I had for others, LPJ Design and Cubicle 7. This means everything else has been delayed, including things I’ve needed to be doing for other people and I apologise for that.

I’m still not really well, but have a bit more energy and capacity in me, so I’m going to start – easy – moving on a few things that need doing. This is likely to be…

  • More Clipart Critters – I have a couple of new ones from Bradley to put up.
  • More Tobyart – Some excellent warrior illustrations to go up in another collection.
  • Xpress editions of the existing Bloodsucker and Chav material.

After that it’ll be back to SWING and hopefully it won’t take too long to get that finished up, but it definitely won’t be in time for the conventions this year.

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