Poll Game: Zombie -At the banks of the river

You emerge from the bowels of the snake, fingers clutching at you, hands pulling at you, out onto a road of skulls that stretches ahead of you, crunching underfoot as you drag your swollen, broken foot behind you, stumbling and hobbling forward, bit by bit. Looking back behind you, you see an endless tide of the grey and shuffling dead all following your lead onto the road of skulls, like lambs to the slaughter and you their Judas goat.

The road lights up, bright and stark, the light of heaven itself flaring up in front of you, throwing stark shadows and making you turn your head away as you shuffle on towards it…

What do you do?
Scream to the lights for help.
Drop to your knees and pray.
Give up and turn into the seething mass of the dead.
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