Dev Diary: Agents of SWING

What is SWING?

SWING stand for the ‘Supreme World Intelligence Network Group’. SWING is an international espionage and counter-espionage organisation dedicated to dealing with the threats that fall beneath the radar of the obsession that east and west have for each other but which still form a threat to the peace and security of the world.

SWING draws its agents from the secret services of other nations across the world, regardless of their ideology or nation of origin and brings them together in a single agency, providing them with the expertise and manpower necessary to be everywhere, to watch everything, to pick up on unusual stories and information and to counter threats that the wider world will never know existed.

SWING has embraced the new age, technology, fashion, optimism and has discarded the old ways that still make many agencies hidebound to an old and staid way of doing things. SWING’s origins are mysterious and run back prior to The War but despite the organisation’s apparently venerable age they’re driven by modernity and are not afraid to shake up the old order to do what needs to be done.


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