Poll Game: Zombie – Crawl for it

You pull and drag the shelves, hopping on one foot, dragging some down to crash against the doors and keep them out, dragging others to pile up against the wall. You grit your teeth and sling your backpack on again, smashing the security window and then try to scramble up… it’s hard going, you fall more than once, jarring your foot and making yourself scream in pain, a scream that is answered by the things tearing at the door with patient tenacity.

On the third attempt you manage to scramble up through the window and then get stuck… it’s narrow, as much weight as you’ve lost through stress and not eating properly you still can’t fit through easily with your backpack. Twisting your head you see shambling figures, noticing half of you sticking out into the street. You need to think fast and make a snap decision…

What do you do?
Tear off the backpack and squirm through.
Climb back down inside, throw the backpack through and climb back up.
Force through and hope for the best.
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