Poll Game: Zombie – Hot Foot

You wedge the door and window shut as much as you can, wedging chairs and racks against it and curling up in a daze as the pills take effect, numbing the shrieking pain in your foot down to a dull mumble as you curl up on your coat and some plastic sheeting and bags as a bed.

Your sleep is weird and disturbed, images from school and your family swimming together with everything you’ve seen since. It all comes together into a nightmare about your mother chewing off your foot and stripping away the flesh while you watch. When it comes down to the crunching of bones you wake up with a girlish shriek, jumping out of your skin as you realise the only light that’s coming is coming through the security window, high in the wall, the power’s given out overnight. You also realise that the crunching you heard is them… the dead, scuffing and shoving at your propped together barricade – and it’s already starting to fall down.

Your foot is still ballooned, though not as bad as before, that’s going to severely limit your options…

You’re trapped… what now?
Pile things up and try and drag your crippled leg up, out of the security window.
Get your clubbing stick and try and brain the dead as they writhe in through the door.
Pile up the barricade and try and reinforce it so you have more time to think.
Scream for help through the security window.
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