New Year, New Stuff/Old Stuff

Well, it’s a new year and I’m still working through the huge amount of stuff that came through last year, bit by bit, a lot of freelancing which has boned my personal work, but is leading to a sudden glut of stuff going on.

The latest developments on these various scores are (with Cubicle7):

And with LPJ Design:

A setting that’s coming together rapidly with some post-apocalyptic, necromantic, fantasy goodness. Click on the name above to link to the free previews.

Other than that I’m working, fitfully, on finishing 100 Conspirators and moving Agents of SWING forward, hopefully I’ll have more information for you there soon!

Poll Game: Zombie – The third bowl of porridge was juuuust right.

Leaving the TV blaring you carefully check through the rest of the rooms of the flat, finding plenty of sign of struggles, bloodstains and splatters around the flat. The door seems secure and you’re almost up to the roof on this floor, just one more level to go to reach the very top. Once you’re sure you’re secure you can go over the flat properly, barricading the front door and going through their things.

Apart from the smell of blood this place is a much better prospect than your flat, they’ve got more food and drink up here and you could last a bit longer here. Plus there’s even more stairs for these… things to have to climb up. Other than the usual kitchen knives and things the only potential weapons in here seem to be a set of golf clubs, but you reckon you could get a mean swing on those.

What now?
Creep down the stairs and take out that thing at YOUR door.
Sneak across the hallway and listen at the door of the nextdoor flat.
Creep up through the roof access in the hall.
Clean up the blood and hole up here for a couple of days. free polls