Poll Game: Zombie – Going up!

Heading out onto the balcony you hear more sirens and other noises in the distance, including the staccato rat-tat-tat of what can only be gunfire. It makes you shudder as the wind whips around you and you tie yourself off with a couple of sheets, balancing precariously as you scramble up and onto the balcony of the flat above. Breathless you pause, panting, trying to ignore the blood and broken glass as you pick your way into the flat.

There’s blood everywhere and the TV is blaring away in the corner, there was quite a fight in here it seems between the two of them and you don’t really like to think about it. Maybe there’s something here you can use, something that can help you out…

What now?
Ransack the flat for food and other useful things.
Look for money and other tradable items.
Check this flat’s secure like yours is before you do anything.
You could sneak downstairs and ambush that thing at your door.
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