Poll Game: Zombie – I Spy…

Curious, but shaking, you pace slowly up to the door and lean forwards, turning aside the little round, metal cover and gingerly, fearfully, leaning forward. In the fisheye lens you see some vague shadows for a moment and then realise there’s a tear of fear and panic in your eye. You wipe it away and look again. Now you can see more clearly but what you see doesn’t put you at ease. It’s the drunk from the stairwell, sallow cheeked, drool dripping down his chin, teeth chewing at empty air like an imaginary piece of chewing gum. As you watch he reaches again against and through the outer security door, rattling it in its frame, scratching with his nails against the inner door, fingertips brushing the spyhole and making you recoil back in fear, suddenly he seems very scary.

What do you do?
Throw the inner door open and challenge him, trying to chase him off.
Wait and watch, something is stange about this guy.
Open the door a crack and shout through it for help.
Double check the locks and barricade the door with some of the furniture.
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