Poll Game: Zombie – The Proper Authorities

You scramble inside at a rush, leaving the sliding door open behind you as the rain pelts down even harder. You scramble for the house fun and grab it up, nearly dropping it in suddenly sweaty and clammy hands, dialling 999 with fumbling fingers. The line’s jammed, or something’s wrong with the phone, you’re not sure which and you scramble around for your mobile. As you pick it up you notice it says ’emergencies only’, something that you only usually see around New Year. As you dial on this phone you hear a scream from outside on the balcony that gets quieter for a couple of second and ends with an enormous CRASH from down below, then a car alarm… the call doesn’t go through and you’re left standing there in the light from the kitchen and the glow of your mobile screen.

What do you do?
Rush out to the balcony and look down.
Dash downstairs to look at the damage.
Go next door to get some help and find out what’s going on.
Try calling your parents and friends, anyone you might be able to get hold of.
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