November Newsletter

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It’s November and in England that means two things. Fireworks and conventions! (Hopefully not at the same time).


We’ll be at Indiecon and Dragonmeet in November, running a few demo games and selling lots of hardcopies of our products just in time for Christmas. Leftover convention stock will be available for those who want to order it directly from me after these conventions and details will be forthcoming on our website. You’ll also, soon, be able to get an updated and art-infested version of 100 Science Fiction Adventure Seeds, published in partnership with Cubicle 7 Entertainment. While you’re checking out print products, be sure to look up Origins of the Specious, a gamer’s humour book and compilation published under the Flaming Cobra imprint with Mongoose Publishing.


This last month was ‘Schlocktoberfest’ for Postmortem Studios and saw discounted PDF products across our horror and other ‘gross out’ and B-movie type products. We also released a number of new items including:

Several Freakshow products for Blood! OGL Modern and MRQ (BloodQuest) as well as the demo adventure from last year’s Indiecon, Blood Tales: The End.

The Art of Hentacle (Adult product!)

The Art of Final Straw (Violent product!)

And some new ZelArt.

If you’re looking for images to spice up your games or to publish your own, be sure and check out our extensive library of stock art by Industry Veteran Brad McDevitt and by newcomers Zel and Toby.

This month will be concentrated largely on freelancing and preparation for the two conventions, but we hope to start work on Agents of SWING, a FATE powered mash-up of 1960s and 1970s spy TV and films. If there’s time a rough draft and a demo adventure may be ready for Indiecon and – if so – will be turned into a special preview product that you’ll be able to download in Christmas or the new year. Otherwise you can expect more Freakshows, more stock art and – perhaps – the companion volume to 100 Conspiracies, 100 Conspirators.


We appreciate feedback and friendship here at Postmortem Studios, so if you want to follow us or communicate here are some of the many ways you can do so:



Lastly I’d like to make you aware of a couple of opportunities we have going. These are strictly volunteer positions but we’re looking for people to help with raising awareness of our products online and with running demo games at conventions. There’s no money, unfortunately, but there would be free products, PDF and print, and possibly t-shirts once a helper-monkey design has been settled upon. Please e-mail to above link if you’re interested in helping out in either capacity. We’re particularly interested in talking to people about running games at US, Australian and Irish conventions.

Thanks for your patronage in the past and hopefully more of it going into the future. Let us know what YOU want to see more of or what you’d like to see us develop. You never know, it might actually happen!

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