Helper Monkey Required: Publicity

I tweeted something about this as a bit of a joke but got a couple of semi-serious enquiries, believe it or not… so what the hell, let’s see if anyone’s a big enough mug.Job Title: Publicity/Sales Helper Monkey

Job Description: As my publicity/sales helper monkey you would make the world aware of new Postmortem Studios products, sales, convention appearances and other information thereby boosting the profile of the company and increasing sales. You would be a presence in social media and forums and provide feedback to me about discussions etc as well.

Requirements: Knowledge and enthusiasm for most – if not all – Postmortem Studios products, involvement in social media and understanding of the technology, preferably UK or US, good command of English, basic HTML and BBCode. Preferably already using Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and with forum accounts at major RPG forums – or be willing to make them.

Duties: Take announcements, work them into nice posts and spread them around the internet, provide feedback and promote the company. This should take a handful of hours every week during busy weeks, otherwise it might be much less, depending on workload and output here.

Payment: Hahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahaha. No, even if things weren’t as tight as they are lately this would still be a volunteer position. However, you can have free PDF product and if you do well and stick at it, after a couple of months we can see if something more might be offered, done.

Apply HERE

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