Grim’s Tales: Balancing Act

A great deal of being a successful GM is in successfully balancing your needs from the game and those of each of your players. This is not an easy prospect, especially with a group of practised and experienced gamers. Some people’s desires from a game are virtually incompatible and the only way you can achieve any sort of balance there is by switching from one style or focus to another either within a game or from session to session. This isn’t a perfect solution either as it can make games become a little schizophrenic. Here’s how you deal with it…

A game doesn’t have to be perfect.

So long as you’re all having fun most of the time you can let go of the ‘need’ to run a perfect game. After all, we can’t all be Spielbergs and so long as you’re not being Uwe Boll, everything’s going to be just fine. Games can be pretty forgiving; they’re played over longer periods. People don’t remember everything session to session, even if they make notes. You can shift the game as you go along to find the ‘sweet spot’ for your group and you can get feedback from your players to make everything better over time.

So long as you all make a bit of an effort, together, to make for a good game, everything will be fine, really.

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