Cthentacle Hardcopy Poll

Please take the time to fill out this poll and I’ll give you the cost breakdown tomorrow. The PDF sells for $7.50 incidentally, so one might normally reckon on hardcopy selling for $11-15 on that basis.

How much would you pay for a professionally printed and boxed Cthentacle set?
$8-10 (5-7quid)
$10-12 (7-8 quid)
$12-14 (8-9 quid)
$14-16 (9-11 quid)
$16-18 (11-12 quid)
$19-20 (12-15 quid or so)
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2 responses to “Cthentacle Hardcopy Poll

  1. Rules and…
    Could have been helpful if the poll had included the about-ish contents of the set (I’m just too lazy on creating an account to rpgnow to see the content 😉 )

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