Grim’s Tales: My Gaming History VII: Where Next?

Where is there to go from here? Where next? The internet continues to increase in importance for gaming to the point where World of Warcraft – derived from D&D and Warhammer – has all but completely replaced D&D in the public consciousness. Gaming is different, more widespread and more scattered, but there’s still things that the new gaming can learn from the old in terms of player participation, storyline, roleplaying, plot and characters.

A good, effective way to play traditional RPGs over the internet is needed, the current options being unwieldy, over technical or vapourware. The existing online games need an injection of the ‘traditional values’ of old-skool roleplaying games and some old-skool roleplaying games need to be made to try and cater to the new, online situations. Games that can be played over IRC or voice chat without getting bogged down or that make the nature of forums and chatrooms a boon rather than a hindrance.

For me my gaming and my work is pushing more and more in the direction of online, PDF publishing, forums, social media, MMORPGs, Wiki, chatrooms… the internet provides a perfect medium for updated, traditional RPG gaming if it can be properly harnessed and that’s what I’m seeking to try and accomplish, as a writer, as a designer, as a player and as a Games Master.