Neverwhere 3rd Edition – Some development decisions

0. Preparation
It’s obvious that I’ve hit the sufficient number of adds and followers that I wanted in order to meet the trigger to develop Neverwhere 3rd Edition, so between contracted work, that’ll be the thing I work on next. In preparation for that I intend to a) Re-read the book, b) Re-watch the series, c) Read the graphic novel version. I’ll also re-read the 2nd Edition of the game, it having been some years since we put it together.

1. Primarily for Laptop/Screen
Any form of print is going to result in direct profit for someone. So that’s right out. The game can only be developed for home-printing and for giving away electronically. This means it’s only going to be 72dpi – at least the elements that aren’t scalable – and optimised for landscape at proportions approximate to US Letter, so it could still be printed. It’ll be PDFed and, depending on time, interlinked/hotlinked between pages – may as well do that if it’s primarily going to be electronic access.

2. Expanded rules – but not TOO expanded.
We were ahead of the game by quote a few years when we wrote Neverwhere with systems like PDQ, FATE and HeroQuest now using these narrative, descriptive, non-statistical terms for character definition. Neverwhere has a certain purity to it though and it’s easy for non-gamers to get the idea of just describing characters. There’s a purity and simplicity here that I want to preserve, without all the complications and add ons that – to one degree or another – swallow up the advantage of the simplicity in these other systems. Neverwhere does need some more (optional!) hard and fast rules though for governing things like combat, consequences and so on.

3. Rewrite/Rework/Remodel
Neverwhere 2nd Edition is basically sound as a book, it just needs a lot better presentation and a good going over to make sure of everything. A reorganisation, a bit of updating, a few additions and an improved system.

4. Unified Art
All art will be done by Raven Morrison for this edition to give it a unified look and feel. I’ll be working on the layout etc to try and give it a ‘found object’ fanzine/manuscript look, in keeping with the background and idea of the book.

One response to “Neverwhere 3rd Edition – Some development decisions

  1. Colour me ignorant but when you started talking about this project I had no idea it was the game of the Gaiman series/book. I’m like “wow, awesome”. I just finished reading the book a couple of weeks ago and devoured Smoke & Mirrors straight after.
    Colour me ignorant twice for not knowing there was a graphic novel version.

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