RPGBOMB – Interview/Chat Log

This was fun, I’d do it again. Hopefully a bit better organised next time though!

Welcome! You have entered [Lounge] at 10:31 pm
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[bkmcdevitt] 10:47 pm: hello?
[GRIM] 10:47 pm: ‘ello
[bkmcdevitt] 10:48 pm: so when does the chat start?
[GRIM] 10:48 pm: I’m not sure how this is going to go, I don’t seem to have been ‘pimped’ 🙂
[GRIM] 10:48 pm: About a quarter hour.

[bkmcdevitt] 10:48 pm: oh ok
[bkmcdevitt] 10:48 pm: well, if it is any comfort.. my first.. and last.. celebrity signing.. was 8 am on a Sunday morning.. opposite Harlan Ellison
[GRIM] 10:48 pm: Hopefully some people will show up and I won’t have stayed up to 2am in vain 🙂
[GRIM] 10:49 pm: *chuckle*

[bkmcdevitt] 10:49 pm: yeah.. that was a rude reminder as to the “fame” of being a game designer
[GRIM] 10:49 pm: Well I’ve done some signing at cons, but last time I did it a bunch of people upbraided me for playing at ‘RPG celebrity’.
[bkmcdevitt] 10:49 pm: well, Jess is cioming in in a few
[bkmcdevitt] 10:49 pm: hhhmmmppphhh
[GRIM] 10:50 pm: Back in a few, need sugar for brain energy.
[bkmcdevitt] 10:51 pm: np
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[angelwings09] 10:54 pm: good evening senor Grim….. how art thou?
[GRIM] 10:54 pm: Eating toast with jam.
[GRIM] 10:54 pm: Nomnomnom

[bkmcdevitt] 10:55 pm: Nomnomnom.. was that the Assyrian God of Munchies?
[GRIM] 10:56 pm: Quite possibly.
[bkmcdevitt] 10:56 pm: lol
[GRIM] 10:56 pm: Written of in the tasty Omnomnomicon
[angelwings09] 10:56 pm: Grim you know who this is right?
[GRIM] 10:56 pm: It’s ricepaper pages bound in unholy gingerbread.
[GRIM] 10:57 pm: Is it the Queen of the Marmite people?
[angelwings09] 10:57 pm: :biggrin: OMG I love that
[angelwings09] 10:57 pm: yes it is
[bkmcdevitt] 10:57 pm: written in chocolate sauce, I presume
[GRIM] 10:57 pm: I knew it.
[GRIM] 10:57 pm: The darkest of chocolate.
[GRIM] 10:57 pm: 110% cocoa solids.

[bkmcdevitt] 10:57 pm: LOL
[bkmcdevitt] 10:58 pm: Evil, AND bad for your waistline too
[GRIM] 10:58 pm: The fat goes straight to your… soul!
[bkmcdevitt] 10:59 pm: ehh.. who needs a thin soul?
[GRIM] 11:00 pm: Who indeed?
[bkmcdevitt] 11:01 pm: btw, have you heard ANYTHING from Manning? Or is that project basicaly dead?
[GRIM] 11:01 pm: About once a month he says something like he’s still interested, but no progress.
[GRIM] 11:02 pm: Too busy I think.

[bkmcdevitt] 11:02 pm: heh… oh, this will be interesting.. they are making a movie of Skipp and Spector’s Animals
[GRIM] 11:03 pm: This really doesn’t look too promising does it? A week Wednesday they said on the 8th 😛
[bkmcdevitt] 11:03 pm: I would give it a few more, but yeah.. this is looking dubious
[GRIM] 11:04 pm: Ah well, worth a shot.
[bkmcdevitt] 11:04 pm: yup…
[bkmcdevitt] 11:05 pm: pity.. looks like they do a lot of live chats
[GRIM] 11:05 pm: Yeah, wonder what went pear shaped here?
[bkmcdevitt] 11:06 pm: well, the weather (here) is really nice.. so a lot of people are prob still out and about
[bkmcdevitt] 11:06 pm: sorry, Grim, you have been upstaged by hot dogs and BBQ
[GRIM] 11:06 pm: Possibly, it’s OK, I’m used to disappointment 🙂
[GRIM] 11:07 pm: I’ll give it until 1/4 past 🙂

[Lounge]: KillerDM has entered at 11:07 pm
[KillerDM] 11:07 pm: HELLO
[angelwings09] 11:07 pm: hi
[KillerDM] 11:07 pm: just got off a plane
[GRIM] 11:07 pm: Hello there.
[KillerDM] 11:07 pm: sorry guys
[KillerDM] 11:07 pm: this is my bad
[GRIM] 11:07 pm: Bad monkey, no biscuit 🙂
[KillerDM] 11:07 pm: lol
[KillerDM] 11:07 pm: give me a sec
[bkmcdevitt] 11:08 pm: no BANANA…
[GRIM] 11:08 pm: Certainly no banana.
[GRIM] 11:08 pm: But not even a biscuit.
[GRIM] 11:08 pm: That’s how bad a monkey.

[bkmcdevitt] 11:09 pm: lol
[Lounge]: JessHartley has entered at 11:09 pm
[angelwings09] 11:09 pm: 🙄
[bkmcdevitt] 11:09 pm: :skull:
[bkmcdevitt] 11:10 pm: well, this is a bit better
[JessHartley] 11:10 pm: Howdy!
[GRIM] 11:10 pm: :read:
[bkmcdevitt] 11:10 pm: Hi Jess
[angelwings09] 11:10 pm: hi
[GRIM] 11:10 pm: Evenin’
[JessHartley] 11:10 pm: did I miss the chat, Grim?
[bkmcdevitt] 11:10 pm: gecher nose ouutta the book
[GRIM] 11:11 pm: No, chat not started yet.
[JessHartley] 11:11 pm: *chuckles* I had a little trouble translating UK time to Arizona time.
[GRIM] 11:11 pm: We were waiting for you.
[JessHartley] 11:11 pm: Aw. 🙂
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[JessHartley] 11:11 pm: :rose:
[Lounge]: playfulk has entered at 11:12 pm
[angelwings09] 11:12 pm: :sail:
[GRIM] 11:12 pm: Glad to see some people here, now I feel less nervous 🙂
[JessHartley] 11:12 pm: *chuckles* We wouldn’t let you be all alone, Grim!
[bkmcdevitt] 11:12 pm: mmhmmm
[bkmcdevitt] 11:13 pm: We don’t TRUST to leave Grim by himself
[Lounge]: KillerDM has left at 11:13 pm
[JessHartley] 11:13 pm: *chuckles* That too. 🙂
[GRIM] 11:13 pm: Well, not with anything sharp.
[GRIM] 11:13 pm: Oops, there goes the moderator. Free for all!

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[Lounge]: KillerDM has entered at 11:14 pm
[bkmcdevitt] 11:14 pm: ahh,, RPGBomb just sent out a general email
[GRIM] 11:14 pm: Too late.
[KillerDM] 11:14 pm: ok back
[KillerDM] 11:14 pm: sorry
[JessHartley] 11:14 pm: *pillages the site*
[playfulk] 11:14 pm: oh crap he’s back
[JessHartley] 11:14 pm: Oh, darn.
[JessHartley] 11:14 pm: *hides her pillaging*
[KillerDM] 11:14 pm: lol
[GRIM] 11:14 pm: Killer, I’ve got a mate trying to log on but hasn’t got his confirmation mail.
[KillerDM] 11:14 pm: so grim tell us about yourself
[KillerDM] 11:15 pm: ok
[GRIM] 11:15 pm: ‘sherbetsaucers’ username, minus the quotes, obviously…
[KillerDM] 11:15 pm: one
[GRIM] 11:15 pm: Ah, questions 🙂
[KillerDM] 11:15 pm: ill manualy confirm him
[bkmcdevitt] 11:15 pm: what is your PIN number, for example?
[GRIM] 11:15 pm: Well, I’m a freelancer and self publisher.
[Lounge]: dkhiggins has entered at 11:15 pm
[GRIM] 11:15 pm: I self publisher under the Postmortem Studios imprint.
[GRIM] 11:15 pm: I’ve worked for WotC, SJG, Mongoose, Cubicle7 and a few others.

[KillerDM] 11:16 pm: he shoul dbe able to login now
[GRIM] 11:16 pm: And I’m terrible at ‘bigging myself up’, so questions about what you want to know would help structure replies!
[KillerDM] 11:16 pm: ok
[Lounge]: bonemaster has entered at 11:16 pm
[bkmcdevitt] 11:17 pm: btw, I work for Grim, and he is a great client
[KillerDM] 11:17 pm: tell ua about your game
[GRIM] 11:17 pm: Which particular one are you interested in? I have quite a few under my belt.
[Lounge]: bonemaster has left at 11:17 pm
[GRIM] 11:17 pm: Presumably you want to talk about the Neverwhere game though?
[bkmcdevitt] 11:17 pm: the WOTC work is proabaly of the most interest
[KillerDM] 11:17 pm: staft with your first game then tell us about your newest one
[GRIM] 11:18 pm: Leaving aside amateurish efforts my first proper fully home-written game would have been Cloak of Steel.
[GRIM] 11:18 pm: A d20 derived fantasy mecha game, similar in feel to Escaflowne the anime series.

[Lounge]: sherbetsaucers has entered at 11:18 pm
[GRIM] 11:19 pm: I may redo that soon, a French company took it on and sold it in France as Mantel D’Acier and it did quite well.
[Lounge]: Cloven-Fruit-Games has entered at 11:19 pm
[GRIM] 11:19 pm: Plus as part of the deal I got their art 😉
[bkmcdevitt] 11:19 pm: (rats)
[GRIM] 11:19 pm: Before that, of course, I wrote The Munchkin’s Guide to Powergaming with Steve Mortimer.
[GRIM] 11:19 pm: Which isn’t exactly a gaming book, but inspired Munchkin.

[KillerDM] 11:19 pm: thats cool
[Cloven-Fruit-Games] 11:20 pm: Hello
[bkmcdevitt] 11:20 pm: wasn’t that the Origins winner?
[sherbetsaucers] 11:20 pm: My friend asked me to pass on that TMGTPG is his all time fave RPG book
[GRIM] 11:20 pm: Once I finish my latest round of freelancing I’ll be working on the 3rd Edition of Neverwhere – provided the hostage deal is met 🙂
[GRIM] 11:20 pm: Yes, that won the Origins award in 2000.
[GRIM] 11:20 pm: A scarily long time ago now.
[GRIM] 11:21 pm: If you liked that, you should get Origin of the Specious, which is coming out through Mongoose/Flaming Cobra either this month or next.
[GRIM] 11:21 pm: Similar sort of thing.

[KillerDM] 11:21 pm: tell us more about Neverwhere
[bkmcdevitt] 11:21 pm: according to Nick at Mongoose, they are premiering it at Origins this year
[Lounge]: Polymancer has entered at 11:21 pm
[GRIM] 11:21 pm: When I was naively trying to start up in publishing, way back when, I wanted to pursue some licences.
[Polymancer] 11:22 pm: Helolo everyone
[JessHartley] 11:22 pm: Howdy, Polymancer.
[KillerDM] 11:22 pm: hi
[bkmcdevitt] 11:22 pm: Hi Louis
[GRIM] 11:22 pm: I was actually fairly successful in getting the other parties interested, but couldn’t find willing RPG companies to take them further.
[GRIM] 11:22 pm: The TV company that worked with Gaiman and Lenny Henry on Neverwhere weren’t willing to allow a commerical project, but were willing to allow for a free RPG to be put together.
[GRIM] 11:23 pm: So as a way of showcasing what I/we (we at the time) could do, we put together a very narratve/freeform based game on the web.
[GRIM] 11:23 pm: And it was very popular.
[GRIM] 11:23 pm: When I went full time I created the 2nd Edition, as one of my first projects and I felt it was time to go for a third edition about now.

[Lounge]: BLAMM67 has left at 11:23 pm
[GRIM] 11:24 pm: There’s still no profit in it for me, other than exposure, but that’s why I put together the ‘hostage’ plan.
[Lounge]: playfulk has left at 11:24 pm
[bkmcdevitt] 11:24 pm: … you are holding Gaiman’s puppy hostage?
[Lounge]: Knighthawk has entered at 11:24 pm
[GRIM] 11:24 pm: No, just clinging to the old permission letter for dear life 🙂
[Knighthawk] 11:25 pm: hail fellow bombers!
[angelwings09] 11:25 pm: hi
[KillerDM] 11:25 pm: hey kh
[bkmcdevitt] 11:25 pm: hi Knighthawk
[GRIM] 11:25 pm: This time around I’m hoping to structure the system a bit more, for people who want that sort of thing.
[Knighthawk] 11:25 pm: so…who’s today’s chat with?
[GRIM] 11:25 pm: We kind of anticipated the whole ‘story games’ thing with the way we approached Neverwhere.
[GRIM] 11:26 pm: That’d be me Knighthawk 🙂

[bkmcdevitt] 11:26 pm: Grim Jim Desborough fromPost Mortem Studios, publisher of Blood, And a ton of othjer games
[JessHartley] 11:26 pm: James “Grim” Desborough
[JessHartley] 11:26 pm: 🙂
[GRIM] 11:26 pm: Characters were based on a purely narrative description and the use of traits, like a more simplistic HeroQuest in a way.
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[GRIM] 11:27 pm: The hostage plan is this basically, I take a big interest in social media and engagement with my audience, so if I get 100 adds on twitter/LJ/Myspace by the end of the month, I’ll make Neverwhere 3rd my next project.
[bkmcdevitt] 11:27 pm: btw, killer.. yuo mis-identifid the guest in the email
[GRIM] 11:27 pm: We’re at… 80 adds I think.
[sherbetsaucers] 11:27 pm: … that’s the key, novelty dice!
[KillerDM] 11:27 pm: i did
[KillerDM] 11:27 pm: sorry about that
[GRIM] 11:27 pm: Oops, well, so long as people are here you can identify me as Britney Spears if you like 😛
[Polymancer] 11:28 pm: I only got it 15 mins ago as well. I thought these usually started at 9 EST
[KillerDM] 11:28 pm: lol
[bkmcdevitt] 11:28 pm: that, Grim, wa a visual I DID NOT need
[KillerDM] 11:28 pm: yes
[GRIM] 11:28 pm: It’s 2am for me Poly, they kindly shifted a little.
[KillerDM] 11:28 pm: i was late today its allmy fault
[GRIM] 11:28 pm: But I’ll stay on as long as I can.
[KillerDM] 11:28 pm: i just got off a plane in wiscosin
[bkmcdevitt] 11:28 pm: : emails Grim some coffee
[KillerDM] 11:28 pm: take all the time you need
[Knighthawk] 11:29 pm: I have a question, as a game designer myself…how do you get the suspicion if something is a good idea worth pursuing vs. an idea to put aside, at least for the moment. Especially if its a concept already visited?
[GRIM] 11:29 pm: That’s a really good question, and it’s been a real problem for me lately.
[Knighthawk] 11:29 pm: How so?
[GRIM] 11:29 pm: Three of my ideas I’ve been working on in the background have all been ‘done’ by someone else or are about to be 🙂
[bkmcdevitt] 11:30 pm: if it is a concept that hs already been visited.. few people will want to even TRY it
[GRIM] 11:30 pm: So clearly the ‘zeitgeist’ is there for these ideas, but I’m not going to beat the other people to it.
[GRIM] 11:30 pm: There’s no really clear way to work it out, you just have to trust your instincts.
[GRIM] 11:30 pm: Stay engaged with the community, try to get a feel for the way the wind is blowing and what other people are up to.

[Knighthawk] 11:31 pm: See, I’ve been creating games left and right, and I’ve only got myself to help create them
[bkmcdevitt] 11:31 pm: the eternal problem…..
[GRIM] 11:31 pm: I’m mostly a one man show, at least so far as the writing goes.
[GRIM] 11:31 pm: So I empathise.

[Knighthawk] 11:31 pm: You do primarily RPGs, correct?
[JessHartley] 11:31 pm: I think that you can visit concepts in different ways to appeal to different audiences (or even different aspects of the same audience.)
[GRIM] 11:31 pm: Primarily RPGs, card games too.
[GRIM] 11:32 pm: And recently I’ve been working on some text games for facebook freelance.

[bkmcdevitt] 11:32 pm: i bounce ideas for games off Grim in chat occasionally, so see if they are even vaguely valid
[GRIM] 11:32 pm: Yes, if you can find a novel approach to a theme, or just do it really, really well you can still succeed.
[KillerDM] 11:32 pm: wow grim you really get around
[Knighthawk] 11:32 pm: ok, I dunno if you’ve caught chat of it…but I created a very niche game : Blood and Leather (a card game based around boxing, being currently considered by Bucephalus Games) and I’m confident in it, but I realize boxing is a niche sport to start with
[Knighthawk] 11:33 pm: I’m curious if I would have been better off doing an MMA version
[GRIM] 11:33 pm: I know Killer, I’m a filthy game hussy 🙂
[bkmcdevitt] 11:33 pm: (sweet name)
[KillerDM] 11:33 pm: lol
[GRIM] 11:33 pm: Knight, the board/card game market is much bigger than RPGs.
[JessHartley] 11:33 pm: Agreed, Grim….
[GRIM] 11:33 pm: If you can find a channel of sale, especially into Europe, the market’s that much bigger that it compensates.
[Knighthawk] 11:34 pm: It’s easier to get lost in…I feel
[Knighthawk] 11:34 pm: oh true
[GRIM] 11:34 pm: And since your card game isn’t pornographic… *cough cough* you should find that easier.
[Knighthawk] 11:34 pm: I didn’t consider the european market
[JessHartley] 11:34 pm: filthy game hussy… LOVE IT.
[Knighthawk] 11:34 pm: Umm..ok I want to halt that for one second
[Knighthawk] 11:34 pm: pornographic games…are there even any of those?
[bkmcdevitt] 11:35 pm: yup…..
[Knighthawk] 11:35 pm: And how / would that even work out?
[sherbetsaucers] 11:35 pm: *laughs and looks at Grims back catalog*
[GRIM] 11:35 pm: OK, if you want to get hold of me by e-mail I can offer some more advice.
[GRIM] 11:35 pm: Yes, my card games are largely… shall we say… controversial.

[Knighthawk] 11:35 pm: You can PM it to me
[bkmcdevitt] 11:35 pm: koff koff
[KillerDM] 11:35 pm: wow this chat is headed in the wrone direction
[KillerDM] 11:35 pm: lol
[JessHartley] 11:35 pm: *chuckles*
[GRIM] 11:35 pm: Set it back on the right path then Killer 🙂
[KillerDM] 11:35 pm: its ok
[Knighthawk] 11:35 pm: and if you have a link to your more adult work, I would actually like to see it, if you don’t mind
[GRIM] 11:35 pm: But it was kind of inevitable that Hentacle would come up.
[JessHartley] 11:36 pm: Grim, do you have a project that you consider your favorite?
[bkmcdevitt] 11:36 pm: yup on that, Grimbo
[GRIM] 11:36 pm: Just search RPGNOW for Hentacle Knight.
[GRIM] 11:36 pm: A favourite?

[KillerDM] 11:36 pm: yes
[GRIM] 11:36 pm: Whatever I _want_ to be working on at any particular time is a favourite.
[angelwings09] 11:36 pm: I love Hentacle!!!!!
[JessHartley] 11:36 pm: (Sorry for the spelling, I’m from the States.)
[GRIM] 11:36 pm: And different things are favourites for different reasons.
[GRIM] 11:37 pm: I loved writing Munchkin’s Guide, and that was a huge success for a first effort.
[GRIM] 11:37 pm: I love the background of Cloak of Steel.
[GRIM] 11:37 pm: Hentacle still makes me laugh because I did it on a dare and it’s hugely successful.

[bkmcdevitt] 11:38 pm: nothing like getting rich off tentacle porn
[GRIM] 11:38 pm: My next commercial project has me excited, that’ll be Agents of SWING, a FATE powered 60s/70s spy game.
[bkmcdevitt] 11:38 pm: 😀
[GRIM] 11:38 pm: Freelancing-wise, I love working on SLA Industries.
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[GRIM] 11:38 pm: And I’m currently doing some Call of Cthulhu work for Cubicle7 based around British folklore.
[GRIM] 11:38 pm: Which I’m loving.
[GRIM] 11:39 pm: Like I said earlier, I’m a filthy gamer hussy, it’s all my favourite 🙂

[sherbetsaucers] 11:39 pm: boom boom!
Grim, we’re seeing the impact of MMORPGs a lot in table top, firstly with conversions and now the rules system for 4th ed DnD whcih feels very much like a computer based game. What innovations do you think table top gaming can continue to bring, other than poeople sharing the cost of the pizza?
[JessHartley] 11:39 pm: *grins* Very nice.
[GRIM] 11:39 pm: I think Wizards were on the right track with the Digital Initiative.
[GRIM] 11:40 pm: But they’re losing goodwill with the delays and the cost.

[bkmcdevitt] 11:40 pm: and gaming on Skype, etc?
[GRIM] 11:40 pm: I think an integrated way to play, taking advantage of the internet innovations is the way forward.
[GRIM] 11:40 pm: Yep.
[GRIM] 11:40 pm: Alternatively RPGs can concentrate on the things that they do much better than MMOs.
[GRIM] 11:40 pm: Narrative, story, actual roleplaying… 😉

[sherbetsaucers] 11:41 pm: Liek using wotsits as fireballs and flicking them at the models?
[GRIM] 11:41 pm: ‘Lol, n00b’ just doesn’t cut it for me for some reason.
[Knighthawk] 11:41 pm: OMG I just read the description of Hentacle…you bastard you stole my idea! 😛
[GRIM] 11:41 pm: Now you know how I feel 😛
[GRIM] 11:41 pm: I think there’s a wider RPG market out there on the net.

[bkmcdevitt] 11:41 pm: heh.. we all have that moment, Knighthawk
[GRIM] 11:41 pm: All these forum games of Twilight for example…
[sherbetsaucers] 11:41 pm: n00b dosne’t cut it? if you updated the game example in MG, I’d expect to see it used!
[Knighthawk] 11:42 pm: Everytime I promote Blood and Leather, everyone goes “so it’s a BDSM game?” and I’m like “Nope, boxing” “you know, you should make a BDSM game with the same title…and I’m like, I know, I hear it all the time”
[GRIM] 11:42 pm: They may make me want to vomit angry badgers, but they’re all people RPing, without necessarily realising it.
[sherbetsaucers] 11:42 pm: *laughs* fair enough.
[JessHartley] 11:42 pm: Make the BDSM game Leather and Blood, and get a lot of cross-over intereste for both games.
[Knighthawk] 11:42 pm: vomit angry badgers…ROFL
[bkmcdevitt] 11:42 pm: ick…
[GRIM] 11:42 pm: I think ‘traditional’ RPGs have a healthy future still.
[Knighthawk] 11:43 pm: OOOOOOO…the marketting writes itself!
[sherbetsaucers] 11:43 pm: ok, thanks for a good answer
[bkmcdevitt] 11:43 pm: i think if any of us doubted that, we would not be here
[GRIM] 11:43 pm: You’re most welcome.
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[GRIM] 11:44 pm: You’ve gone quiet 🙂 Ask me another 😛
[bkmcdevitt] 11:44 pm: describe Agents of SWING to the folks, Grim
[GRIM] 11:45 pm: It’s a mash-up of 60s and 70s cop shows, spy shows, books and comics.
[bkmcdevitt] 11:45 pm: Man From UNCLE meets I Spy, etc?
[GRIM] 11:45 pm: With an emphasis on the British side, me being British… combining things like The Man from UNCLE, The Avengers, Mission Impossible, The Persuaders etc.
[Knighthawk] 11:45 pm: brb
[bkmcdevitt] 11:45 pm: your cover looked very much like somethinf Steranko would have done for Nick Fury
[GRIM] 11:46 pm: A League of Extraordinary Gentleman for swinging London and the velour decades.
[GRIM] 11:46 pm: Those are mock ups, but something like them will probably be the final design.

[bkmcdevitt] 11:46 pm: so practice your Austin Powers imitations, folks
[GRIM] 11:47 pm: Indeed, though you could play it in a more ‘Jerry Cornelius’ fashion too.
[GRIM] 11:47 pm: If so inclined.

[sherbetsaucers] 11:47 pm: SOunds pretty good
[GRIM] 11:47 pm: That’ll hopefully be out by Autumn, depending on freelancing workload etc.
[bkmcdevitt] 11:48 pm: and how soon some lazy artist can get to the artwork….
[GRIM] 11:48 pm: It’s so hard to find good help these days…
[GRIM] 11:48 pm: Though to be fair, I have a harder time finding reliable writers to help me.

[bkmcdevitt] 11:49 pm: btw… Grim.. remember i mentioned they had Sapphire and Steel at the local library?
[KillerDM] 11:49 pm: you should aks knighthawk
[GRIM] 11:49 pm: So, if anyone knows anyone, let me know.
[GRIM] 11:49 pm: Yes, did you rent it?
[GRIM] 11:50 pm: I will, he’s e-mailed me.

[bkmcdevitt] 11:50 pm: there is a waiting list to rent it
[GRIM] 11:50 pm: It’s worth it.
[bkmcdevitt] 11:50 pm: i had them add me for when it fianlly comes back in
[GRIM] 11:50 pm: Low budget, but very atmospheric and effective.
[JessHartley] 11:50 pm: Grim, I happen to know someone. 🙂
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[GRIM] 11:51 pm: I’ll take any recommendations, artists or writers.
[GRIM] 11:51 pm: Brad can tell you I treat artists well, even if I can’t pay the best.
[GRIM] 11:51 pm: (Or at least I hope he can… 😉 )

[bkmcdevitt] 11:51 pm: but he does pay FAST 🙂
[JessHartley] 11:51 pm: *chuckles*
[JessHartley] 11:51 pm: that definitely counts for a lot. 🙂
[GRIM] 11:52 pm: Even in advance if I’ve built up a good rapport.
[bkmcdevitt] 11:52 pm: any freelancer will tell you.. adequate pay+ fun subject matter+fast pay is a good combo
[GRIM] 11:52 pm: I know _I_ hate getting stiffed 😛
[bkmcdevitt] 11:52 pm: and no, I am no saying that to suck up, Grim
[sherbetsaucers] 11:53 pm: Right, think I’m going to have to go as it’s getting late.
[sherbetsaucers] 11:53 pm: Thanks a lot everyone!
[KillerDM] 11:53 pm: you guys are funny
[Knighthawk] 11:53 pm: back
[GRIM] 11:53 pm: Goodnight Sherbet.
[Lounge]: sherbetsaucers has left at 11:53 pm
[bkmcdevitt] 11:53 pm: night
[KillerDM] 11:54 pm: see ya
[KillerDM] 11:54 pm: oops missed him
[Knighthawk] 11:54 pm: sorry guys, I’ve just been evicted from the computer, the fiancee needs it. I’ll cya’ll later if I’m able
[bkmcdevitt] 11:54 pm: haver a good night, KH
[KillerDM] 11:54 pm: see ya
[GRIM] 11:54 pm: Take care Knight.
[Knighthawk] 11:54 pm: ty, nite!
[Lounge]: Knighthawk has left at 11:54 pm
[forgemeister] 11:54 pm: thought they had to give u thirty days? 😀
[bkmcdevitt] 11:55 pm: not where significant others are involved
[GRIM] 11:55 pm: There’s a mostly complete bibliography of things I’ve worked on, on my website if anyone wants to ask me anything more specific.
[JessHartley] 11:55 pm: Not fiancees… They get preemptive rights.
[GRIM] 11:55 pm: http://www.postmort.demon.co.uk
[JessHartley] 11:55 pm: What’s your favorite game to play, Grim?
[GRIM] 11:56 pm: I don’t get to play half as much as I’d like to any more.
[GRIM] 11:56 pm: So it’s always a special occasion now, which is nice in its way.

[bkmcdevitt] 11:56 pm: once you do it for a living, gaming becomes… work
[GRIM] 11:56 pm: At the moment I’m enjoying playing Dark Heresy once a month or so with some very enthusiastic friends.
[KillerDM] 11:56 pm: i here that
[GRIM] 11:57 pm: I would very much LIKE to be playing Trail of Cthulhu or Starblazer.
[forgemeister] 11:57 pm: Not to interrupt… but GRIM will u be at Origins?
[forgemeister] 11:57 pm: (I know its a hike from across the water)
[GRIM] 11:57 pm: My best gaming experiences ever have been with L5R, Cyberpunk 2020, Vampire, Mage and Unknown Armies.
[GRIM] 11:58 pm: I can’t really afford to make it to the US cons at present.
[GRIM] 11:58 pm: Which is a pisser quite frankly 😦

[forgemeister] 11:58 pm: I fully understabd that… but will still feel like we missed ys….
[forgemeister] 11:58 pm: **pardon my typos**
[bkmcdevitt] 11:58 pm: Grim, from what i got from Mongoose.. they are only sending 1-2 people to Origins
[Lounge]: Darkzel has entered at 11:58 pm
[redd] 11:59 pm: I got here late and have been perusing the Morbid Games site..I don’t see what type system you are using
[GRIM] 11:59 pm: I’m actually not Morbidgames, that was a mistake on KDs part.
[GRIM] 11:59 pm: I’m Postmortem Studios 🙂

[Lounge]: JeffSiadek has entered at 11:59 pm
[bkmcdevitt] 11:59 pm: he is just mordid in general 🙂
[redd] 11:59 pm: I see still the question stands
[forgemeister] 12:00 am: !!Battlestations!!!
[JeffSiadek] 12:00 am: Howdy!
[GRIM] 12:00 am: I flit between systems.
[GRIM] 12:00 am: The right tool for the right job.
[GRIM] 12:00 am: *waves to Zel*

[KillerDM] 12:00 am: hey jeff
[JeffSiadek] 12:00 am: Is there a way I can catch up on what I’ve missed?
[Darkzel] 12:00 am: *waves*
[forgemeister] 12:00 am: absolutely none.
[JeffSiadek] 12:01 am: I’ll just have to read the archive. Sigh.
[KillerDM] 12:01 am: Ill put the archive up tonight
[GRIM] 12:01 am: If it’s something we’ve covered before I’ll still try to give you a more concise reply, it’s OK.
[GRIM] 12:02 am: Anyway, systems, yes, I’ll pretty much write for anything, obviously for my own stuff I use my own systems or an OGL system.

[redd] 12:02 am: You need adventure writers for which game/game system then?
[bkmcdevitt] 12:02 am: so after NW3, what is next?
[GRIM] 12:02 am: I need creature writers for Blood! d20 Modern and mRQ mostly.
[GRIM] 12:03 am: And potentially some 4th Ed writers.
[GRIM] 12:03 am: That’s the more open call possibilities.

[bkmcdevitt] 12:03 am: I need to draw something hideous, Grim.
[GRIM] 12:04 am: I’m sure I can accomodate 🙂
[redd] 12:04 am: thanks
[bkmcdevitt] 12:04 am: good…. lol.. I am getting rusty at drawing viscera
[bkmcdevitt] 12:05 am: :clap:
[GRIM] 12:05 am: Oops, missed a question…
[GRIM] 12:05 am: Next after Neverwhere 3rd will be Agents of SWING, then probably another 100 Book.
[GRIM] 12:05 am: There’ll be other stuff going on at the same time though.

[bkmcdevitt] 12:06 am: cool
[JeffSiadek] 12:06 am: I know you’ve probably covered this but how much concern do you have aout the fourth edition license?
[GRIM] 12:06 am: Clipart Critters, Tobyart, the first Cthentacle expansion…
[forgemeister] 12:06 am: **listens intently**
[GRIM] 12:06 am: I’m glad they loosened up the GSL a little, but it’s still quite difficult to produce for.
[JeffSiadek] 12:07 am: Does opting into 4th edition mean you can’t do 3rd edtion?
[GRIM] 12:07 am: Character classes are much tighter and the interplay of powers is actually more complex than 3rd edition.
[GRIM] 12:07 am: With the GSL you feel like you’re treading on eggshells, it’s far more complex a licence.
[GRIM] 12:07 am: No it doesn’t, not any more.
[GRIM] 12:07 am: You just have to keep the products distinct.

[JeffSiadek] 12:07 am: That sounds like it could work.
[Lounge]: Darkzel has left at 12:08 am
[bkmcdevitt] 12:08 am: still sounds like a pin
[GRIM] 12:08 am: I’ve only done one 4e product myself so far.. but I’ve done some work for Axe Initiative.
[GRIM] 12:08 am: 4e is really nice to write adventures for, though quite formulaic, its the other things that are harder to do.
[forgemeister] 12:09 am: I need to scoot, but this all sounds like stuff to watch for… thanks for the chat GRIM!
[GRIM] 12:09 am: Thanks for coming Forge.

[JeffSiadek] 12:09 am: Yes, thanks for the chat. I’m looking forward to catching it in the archives. I hope to catch up with you at Origins as well.
[KillerDM] 12:09 am: that was chris clark for those of you who know him
[GRIM] 12:10 am: Fat chance unless the money fairy comes to visit 🙂
[bkmcdevitt] 12:10 am: someday, you do need to get over here, Grim
[Lounge]: forgemeister has left at 12:10 am
[GRIM] 12:10 am: I know… I know…
[GRIM] 12:10 am: I was traumatised by two Camarilla events and meeting my wife in the states 😛
[GRIM] 12:10 am: What’ll I come back with next?

[JessHartley] 12:11 am: *chuckles*
[JeffSiadek] 12:11 am: A controlling interest in an american car company if you’re not careful.
[KillerDM] 12:12 am: lol
[KillerDM] 12:12 am: now thats funny
[GRIM] 12:12 am: That doesn’t sound so bad 🙂
[GRIM] 12:12 am: Any more gaming related questions? 😉

[KillerDM] 12:13 am: what was the first rpg you played
[GRIM] 12:13 am: I just did a blog on this, and it depends what you count as roleplaying!
[JeffSiadek] 12:13 am: can you link it?
[GRIM] 12:13 am: We used to read Fighting Fantasy books together, as kids, one taking the part of the adventurer, the other reading the text.
[GRIM] 12:13 am: I will for you in a sec 🙂
[GRIM] 12:14 am: Then there was a ‘proper’ RPG of Fighting Fantasy, which was my first official RPG I suppose.
[GRIM] 12:14 am: My first full on RPG was MERP.

[KillerDM] 12:14 am: loved MEP
[GRIM] 12:14 am: So, in at the deep end with Rolemaster ‘lite’!
[KillerDM] 12:14 am: we had the ICE guys on here a few weeks back
[bkmcdevitt] 12:14 am: ok.. I gotta get back to work…
[KillerDM] 12:15 am: ok thanks
[GRIM] 12:15 am: Take care Brad.
[GRIM] 12:15 am: Thanks for coming 🙂

[bkmcdevitt] 12:15 am: Quick Q.. who is on tap for nextchat?
[bkmcdevitt] 12:15 am: np 🙂
[GRIM] 12:15 am: Let me just get my link for you Jeff.
[redd] 12:16 am: http://www.postmort.demon.co.uk/
[Lounge]: Darkzel has entered at 12:16 am
[bkmcdevitt] 12:16 am: night all
[Lounge]: bkmcdevitt has left at 12:16 am
[redd] 12:16 am: I was there already
[GRIM] 12:16 am: Jeff, easiest if you go to my site and use the tag cloud to find ‘Grim’s Tales’.
[JeffSiadek] 12:17 am: will do, thanks
[GRIM] 12:17 am: One last question I think if anyone has one, and then I’ll have to call it a night.
[GRIM] 12:17 am: It’s 3am and the cat’s stolen my blanket!

[JeffSiadek] 12:18 am: Thanks for coming. Good night.
[JessHartley] 12:18 am: It’s his blanket. he just lets you use it.
[JessHartley] 12:18 am: I’ll be in touch, Grim! Thanks for the chat!
[GRIM] 12:18 am: Looking forward to it 🙂
[KillerDM] 12:18 am: see ya guys
[GRIM] 12:19 am: OK, if there’s nothing else I’ll go crash out.
[angelwings09] 12:19 am: bye Grim
[angelwings09] 12:19 am: *Hugs*
[Lounge]: Darkzel has left at 12:19 am
[GRIM] 12:19 am: Quick exclusivfe announcement for the RPGBOMBers before I go though.
[GRIM] 12:20 am: I signed a deal with C7 recently and they’ll be selling revamped versions of my 100 series books, in stores, starting this year.

[JessHartley] 12:20 am: Congrats!
[redd] 12:20 am: congrats
[GRIM] 12:20 am: So keep an eye out for those!
[GRIM] 12:20 am: And all the other work they – and other – slavedrivers have me doing lately!

[angelwings09] 12:20 am: Awsomeness……. I am so happy for you
[GRIM] 12:21 am: Thanks everyone, hope to do this again sometime!
[GRIM] 12:22 am: And feel free to drop me e-mails or comments on my site any time.

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