I know I haven’t been particularly communicative here of late, if you want to keep up with me at the moment I’d strongly suggest following me on TWITTER  or over on FACEBOOK or my personal LJ  , which carry my twitter feed. Twitter is something I can dip in and out of while I’m working, while blogging/reviewing takes more concerted effort and I’m snowed under with freelancing for browser games and for Cubicle 7 at the moment!

Still, this is something important so worth making the time to talk about.

Lulu have just recently listed a huge number of POD titles on Amazon, without asking the authors and making it an opt-out scheme. Worse still they have jacked up the price by some 30%, claiming this is due to the Amazon mark-up (which is actually only 15%). Needless to say this makes us look bad as authors and publishers and for many of us causes all sorts of legal issues due to our contractual obligations with writers and artists.

If you’re going to buy one of my self-published books, don’t buy it from Amazon unless they’ve discounted it. Buy it from LULU direct or get the PDF from RPGNOW or one of the other sites that sells my work on PDF (e23, Paizo, Yourgamesnow).

If you’re a writer or small publisher who uses Lulu, this may be worth checking into for yourselves.

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