Cthentacle Released!

Call of Cthentacle

Somewhere in the dark, dank, cyclopean (and other long words) depths of the sea, Great Cthulu lies dreaming and, when he wakes up, he’s going to have an eon’s worth of morning wood to work off. Cue our adventurous heroines who are, futilely, going to try and placate the great tentacled beastie before he destroys the world in sheer, sexual frustration.

Cthentacle is a fast paced card game derived from our other card game Hentacle. Cthentacle has simplified, streamlined rules and is designed to be played more directly against one another, as with the Hentacle supplement, 4/Play.

Cthentacle is a deeply, deeply adult game. I’m not mucking around here, this is depraved filthy comedy that you should feel deeply ashamed about buying. It is not even remotely for minors or anyone under the age of eighteen. Don’t say I didn’t warn you and don’t whinge.

Download it HERE