New Year, New Direction

Happy Arbitrary Time Increment everyone!

I’m just here to give you a heads up on what the plans are for Postmortem Studios in this forthcoming 2009.

  • Redesign: Expect this blog/site to get a facelift and redesign in the early part of this year, something a bit more slick and professional and I think I’ll be retiring the old Postmortem Studios logo for something a bit more ‘chic’.
  • Cthentacle: This is my first priority this year, to get Cthentacle out of the door. I have, somewhat controversially, decided to go with the simplified, faster, Vs rules for this iteration of the game.
  • All These Worlds: Mongoose’s Traveller is going a storm and there’s really no point me reinventing the wheel, so this is being revised for a second time and will become a series of expansions and materials for Traveller, most likely released – somewhat – via Mongoose’s Flaming Cobra line.
  • 100 Series: 100 Conspiracies and 100 Conspirators, 100 Supervillain Plots and 100 Supervillain Lairs will be the next few 100 Series books. I’m also cooking up a similar concept for players, something akin to the old Central Casting ‘lifepath’ books.
  • Neverwhere: When I get time the third edition of this free RPG will be made available. This will also have more ‘proper’ rules for those who like such things.
  • D&D4: I hope to be writing for Axe Initiative and I also hope to be releasing a complete adventure line, piecemeal, for D&D 4th Edition, a ‘super campaign’ that takes character from starting out to maximum level while also spinning out a complete game world. I also hope to begin work on my world-city setting.
  • Gumshoe: Expect a Gumshoe version of @ctiv8 at some point during the year.
  • Blood!: If there’s time I hope to get Hell on Earth out of the door this year. That’s the Renaissance/Enlightenment/Witch Burning era version of Blood!
  • Fiction: I WILL complete a book of short-mid length stories this year and self publish, this is my promise to myself.
  • Fanbooks: I hope to complete a Fallout fanbook for the Xpress system, again, depending on time.
  • Getting Paid: Fingers crossed I get paid for work I’ve done over the last 2-3 years that I haven’t yet been paid for 😛
  • Other: Agents of Swing (Xpress) and Unnamed Barbarian Fantasy Game (Xpress), The Pretentious Game.

If you’re looking for work this year and you’re a writer or an artist I need the following things:

  • Someone with knowledge of d20 Modern, RuneQuest and my game, Blood!, willing to do some system conversions/creations for all three systems at about ten dollars a shot.
  • A map-maker, preferably using the newer versions of campaign cartographer, willing to do play-mat style grid-work (nothing too fancy required) at about the same payment as above, per map.
  • A map maker/illustrator willing to do larger, more freehand maps at about 25-100 per shot, depending on the size and intricacy required. CC maps also acceptable here.
  • If anyone wants to release clipart through my established channel, they’re welcome to, the profit split is about 50/50.
  • I’m also willing to take on, produce and publish games that you’d like to and have no time to put out yourself at a similar profit split (after my costs are recouped.

Watch this space!

3 responses to “New Year, New Direction

  1. Cthentacle: Release date?
    So, when is it coming out and when can I give you my hard earned money?

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