100 Dark Places & General Update

I am now more than halfway through 100 Dark Places.
Writing these isn’t easy and the further on you get the harder it gets as the ideas seem to become more repetitious, even when they’re not. Hopefully this will give people a lot of good ideas for one off games, sections of their campaigns or even whole campaigns. Once 100 Dark Places is finished I intend to take a little break to deal with some business stuff outside of the writing, then to whip out my alien invasion comedy game before finally, after several years, moving on to complete All These Worlds a hardish science fiction system based upon the RuneQuest OGL.

Hentacle FourPlay continues apace and I have about half the cards handed in for this, so that should be out soonish. When it does we are also going to experiment with a new POD printer who offers card printing and will be presenting a Hentacle Deluxe hardcopy set, which will include every set for Hentacle in one double-box, everything you need to play. That will be the end of the product cycle for Hentacle for the foreseeable future, but work can then commence on Cthentacle…

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