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Dark Heresy presents us with an extremely limited and character-class oriented advance scheme for careers that doesn’t reflect the more free-wheeling capability to advance that is present in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. This can feel constricting to players who are experienced with the old system and so a method of changing careers between those roles is considered – by many – to be desirable as well as providing an easier way to slot in new career paths.

This article presents a way for characters to move between the different Dark Heresy careers and ranks within a web and also allows for the easier creation of new careers that can slot into this web without creating too much career complexity.

Each career path, even though there are divergences, consists of eight ranks ranging from 0 xp to the heights of 10-15 thousand xp. You keep track of rank (experience spent) separately for each career you advance in, experience spent to change careers is not counted. If, for example, a character achieves the rank of Scribe as an Adept and then switches to become a Novice Cleric then they have rank 3 and rank 1 respectively.

Changing Career Path
Switching to a listed alternate career path costs 100 xp while an unlisted one costs 200 xp.

Characteristic Advances
You use the characteristic advances for the career path – or equivalent – that you are currently on, you may still not raise your characteristics more than the four times normally available.

Career Web

Entries/Exits: Basic, Cleric, Imperial Psyker, Tech Priest.

Entries/Exits: Basic, Assassin, Guardsman, Scum.

Entries/Exits: Basic, Arbitrator, Guardsman, Scum.

Entries/Exits: Basic, Adept, Arbitrator, Imperial Psyker.

Entries/Exits: Basic, Arbitrator, Assassin, Scum.

Imperial Psyker
Entries/Exits: Basic, Adept, Cleric.

Entries/Exits: Basic, Arbitrator, Assassin, Guardsman.

Tech Priest
Entries/Exits: Basic, Adept.

Example New Career
Pest controller
The Hives and Farms of the Imperium can play host to many peculiar pests and interstellar travel and commerce can unleash the most vicious and terrible creatures upon unsuspecting worlds. Pest controllers are the unsung heroes of the Imperium and, in the course of their work, can often be the first to uncover anything from Genestealers to mutation.

Entries/Exits: Basic, Scum, Guardsman

1. Pest Controller XP 0-499
2. Exterminator XP 500-999
3. Purgatorius XP 1000-1999

Characteristic Advances
Use the Arbitrator advance schema.

Pest Controller Advances
Pest controllers are local tradesmen who take it upon themselves to eliminate basic pests from around the Hives, farms and ships of the Imperium. It isn’t the most glamorous of jobs and can be quite dangerous but you’re always guaranteed a free meal and the Imperial authorities or farmers often put a price on the elimination of pests.

Advance Cost Type Prerequisites
Barter 100 S
Blather 100 S
Chem Use 200 S
Ciphers (Underworld) 200 S
Climb 100 S
Concealment 100 S
Search 100 S
Secret Tongue (Gutter) 200 S
Swim 100 S
Tracking 200 S
Wrangling 200 S
Basic Weapon Training (Flame) 100 T
Hatred (Vermin) 100 T
Jaded 100 T Willpower 30
Resistance (Poison) 100 T
Resistance (Disease) 100 T

Exterminator Advances
An Exterminator is a recognised expert in the field of pest control and can spend long periods of time in sewers and pipes rooting out the nests at the root of pest infestations and cleansing them with fire. Exterminators are much sought after when the infestations are something new or alien.

Awareness 100 S
Chem Use +10 200 S Chem Use
Ciphers (Underworld) +10 200 S Ciphers (Underworld)
Climb +10 100 S Climb
Concealment +10 100 S Concealment
Contortionist 100 S
Drive (Ground vehicle) 200 S
Forbidden Lore (Xenos) 200 S
Search +10 100 S Search
Secret Tongue (Gutter) +10 200 S Secret Tongue (Gutter)
Silent Move 100 S
Tracking +10 200 S Tracking
Wrangling +10 200 S Wrangling
Cleanse & Purify 100 T Basic Weapon Training (Flame)
Deadeye Shot 100 T Ballistic Skill 30
Hardy 100 T Toughness 40
Street Fighting 100 T

Purgatorius Advances
A Purgatorius is an Imperially licensed pest control operative and receives a modest stipend from the Imperial government for their work as well as their increasing knowledge of Xeno lifeforms being overlooked. A Purgatorius is a legend amongst farmers and vat harvesters for their ability to root out even the most exotic infestations, but their services don’t come cheap.

Acrobatics 200 S
Chem Use +20 200 S Chem Use +10
Ciphers (Underworld) +20 200 S Ciphers (Underworld) +10
Concealment +20 100 S Concealment +10
Contortionist +10 100 S Contortionist
Dodge 100 S
Drive (Ground vehicle) +10 200 S Drive (Ground vehicle)
Forbidden Lore (Xenos) +10 200 S Forbidden Lore (Xenos)
Medicae 200 S
Search +20 100 S Search +10
Secret Tongue (Gutter) +20 200 S Secret Tongue (Gutter) +10
Silent Move +10 100 S Silent Move
Survival 200 S
Tracking +20 200 S Tracking +10
Wrangling +20 200 S Wrangling +10
Air of Authority 200 T Fellowship 30
Blind FIghting 200 T Perception 30
Crack Shot 200 T Ballistic Skill 40

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