As a start and to test the waters, here’s some holdout rules for creating Abhumans within the Warhammer 40,000 universe – rules oddly missing from Dark Heresy.

Ogryns that are pressed into anything beyond simple labour or straightforward military service must have undergone the Biochemical Ogryn Neural Enhancement process (BONE). Ogryns that have not undergone this process are considered to be too stupid to be useful in any other role. Ogryns are only found on Feral and Imperial worlds – specifically former prison planets and places where they have been imported as cheap labour. The BONE treatment adds an additional 1d10 of Intelligence to the score indicated below. Due to Ogryn’s massive size they also gain a free skill ‘Giant Stride’ which adds half again to their movement as per page 212 of Dark Heresy.

Characteristic Base Feral Imperial
Weapon Skill 2d10+ 25 20
Ballistic Skill 2d10+ 10 15
Strength 2d10+ 35 35
Toughness 2d10+ 35 35
Agility 2d10+ 15 15
Intelligence 2d10+ 10 10
Perception 2d10+ 10 10
Willpower 2d10+ 20 25
Fellowship 2d10+ 10 15

Ogryns are somewhat limited in their careers, the cost of the BONE program is generally only undertaken by those with the budget to justify it, which almost inevitably means the Imperium itself. Some criminal cartels and noble houses have also managed to scrape together the funding to enhance some Ogryns, typically for use as enforcers or bodyguards.

Ogryns are limited to the following Dark Heresy career paths: Arbitrator, Guardsman, Scum

Ratlings are tiny sized, lecherous, food obsessed abhumans from rural worlds in the Imperium. Ratling communities have managed to carve a niche for themselves in the Imperial worlds despite their short stature and relative weakness as cooks and snipers, but also as able traders and agri-farmers. Ratlings suffer from the drawback ‘Little Legs‘ and lose one quarter of their movement.

Characteristic Base Feral Imperial Hive
Weapon Skill 2d10+ 10 10 10
Ballistic Skill 2d10+ 30 30 30
Strength 2d10+ 10 5 5
Toughness 2d10+ 10 5 5
Agility 2d10+ 30 30 30
Intelligence 2d10+ 20 20 20
Perception 2d10+ 20 20 20
Willpower 2d10+ 20 25 25
Fellowship 2d10+ 30 35 40

Ratlings are limited to the following Dark Heresy career paths: Adept, Arbitrator, Assassin, Guardsman, Scum.

The Squats are an unfortunate race of abhumans, scattered from the majority of their homeworlds by the sweep of the Tyranid hive fleet Behemoth and the majority of their remaining homeworlds violently taken over by the Imperium Squats are now hard to find, though their technical expertise is much sought after and The Guild tries to maintain ties between the remaining Squat communities. Their refugee status has lead to the formerly unthinkable, Void Born Squats born on Space Hulks of refugee fleets from their home worlds. Squats suffer from the drawback ‘Little Legs‘ and lose one quarter of their movement and also tend to suffer from agoraphobia. Squats are rarely taken into Inquisitor retinues due to the persistence of their heretical ancestor worship, even amongst Squats who are ostensibly loyal members of the Imperium.

Characteristic Base Feral Imperial Hive Void
Weapon Skill 2d10+ 30 30 30 30
Ballistic Skill 2d10+ 20 20 20 20
Strength 2d10+ 25 20 20 20
Toughness 2d10+ 30 25 20 25
Agility 2d10+ 10 10 10 10
Intelligence 2d10+ 20 20 20 20
Perception 2d10+ 20 20 20 20
Willpower 2d10+ 20 25 25 30
Fellowship 2d10+ 10 15 20 15

Squats are limited to the following Dark Heresy careers: Adept, Arbitrator, Guardsman, Scum.

Special Equipment
The Ogryn Ripper Gun is special equipment issued only to Ogryns and usable only by Ogryns due to its size and bulk.
Class: Basic (Ogryn only)
Range 30m
ROF: -/3/10
DAM: 1d10+4 I
Pen: 0
Clip: 30
RLD: Full
Special: Scatter, Reliable (NB: All OTHER firearms are considered Unreliable in the hands of an Ogryn)
Wt: 15 kilos
Cost: 1,000
Availability: Scarce
Ammunition: 1/10, Scarce

Ogryn Grenades
Ogryn grenades are large stick bombs which produce much larger fragments than standard fragmentation grenades. They share the same statistics save that they have a penetration of 1 and and scarce to find outside of Imperial Guard armouries.

6 responses to “Abhumans

    • Squats are probably the safest ‘arena’ to tinker with since they’re written out of the original setting ‘They were all eaten by Tyranids’ but that means living ancestors, hearthguards etc are the least likely to survive. A guildsman career path would be a likely addition though.

      • seems unfair getting rid of a whole rare, and keeping the flipping halflings
        hive world gangers would seems the safest place to start a campaign, if anyone apart form me rememebrs the necromunda campaign setting. so what other races have they binned then?
        or occumations, like navigator or rogue psyker? zoats? (i know they are part of the hive fleet but i was thinking of the original 40k rules book)
        and how come they never got around to using space skaven?

      • Zoats are gone, as are the 40k version of the Old Ones (The Slann). Navigators etc only really survive in the fluff. There was a race of space ‘Skaven’ in Rogue Trader, but only on one page, it’s reckoned the 40k equivalent is the ‘Hrud’ but they’re not quite the same as Skaven.

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